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Trendy marble and ceramic bangles to be delivered at your doorsteps at amazing discounted prices.


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Deal ends on December 22, 2011
Coupon redeemable from December 16, 2011 till January 10, 2012.
Additional coupons can be bought for others.
Free delivery within 4 days of payments.
Valid only if the deal is purchased.
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  • Trendy bangles on discount
  • Marble Bangle worth Rs. 400 in Rs. 270
  • Ceramic Bangle worth Rs. 500 in Rs. 350
  • The range includes
  • ***Marble pair
  • ***Colored marble pair
  • ***Ceramic bangle
  • ***Blue Bangle
  • ***Brown Bangle
  • ***Light Brown bangle
  • ***Black bangle
  • See pictures for reference
  • Home delivery available


Obsession by Definition…
If there was a perfect use for the word obsessed that would be for jewelry… women are truly obsessed with most types of jewelry. The finely finished new and modern ones to those extracted from after years long careful digging of soil and bricks… those worn by wealthy girls of their times who used to get in style by the jewelry they wore, mummies wrapped up in strips of cloth with their hands crossed on their chests… the posture proves someone tried to steal or snatch their necklace before she heard the final whistle. OBSESSED! By definition.
Marble pair
This beautiful pair of Bangles made from marble is a traditional form of jewellery among women from the Cholistan Desert region of Pakistan.  Among the commonly available stones only marble has a slight surface translucency that is comparable to that of human skin which makes this accessory a must have. It is this translucency that gives any marble sculpture a visual depth beyond its surface and this evokes a certain realism which is exactly what this piece of jewellery enhances. Apart from looking enchanting on the wrist of a woman, it is also interesting to note that as the finished marble ages it becomes harder and more durable all the more reason to own a pair.
Colored marble pair
The enigma of color is what differentiates these beautiful bangles from thier transparent counter parts. Color is injected artificially after the bangle has already been prepared. The concept behind having a colorful pair is to highlight the good concept of color therapy whereby its says that colors induce a calming and peaceful effect on our personality over all. This elegant pair will look good with any formal dress and can even funk up your casual wardrobe.
Ceramic bangle
These bangles are made from ceramic and carving is done by hand.The artistic and creative liveliness gave the bangle a unique ornament style and value at international level. The art of craftsmanship through which these beautiful ceramic bangles are manufactured will take your breath away. Speaking from fashionable point of view, bangles and bracelets remain one of the most classic and popular choices. They make excellent anniversary, birthday, or wedding gift for a spouse or a closed relative. The grace of this piece can add glamour to an ordinary outfit. The availability of a wide range of colors is icing on the cake. Mix and match or even a cool contrast will make this a very fashionable addition to your look.
Blue Bangle
In 1999 Pantone named the sky blue color of Cerulean as the color of the new millennium.
Blue is calming. It conveys the wearer of being of strong and steadfast character or a light and friendly personality, attractive both ways. Almost everyone likes some shade of the color blue and it would look beautiful with nearly any outfit.
Brown Bangle
Brown might be considered a little on the dull side, but it also represents steadfastness, simplicity, friendliness, dependability, and health. A person wearing brown is considered to have a certain dependability associated with them. Reinforce your self confidence with this elegant bangle. 
Light Brown bangle
Use this beautiful muted brown bangle to convey a feeling of warmth, honesty, and wholesomeness. Although found in nature year-round, brown is often considered a fall and winter color.
Black bangle
There are no words that can add to the beauty of a black accessory but never the less Black is the ultimate color or grace, class, elegance, and power.


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