Ziafat Restaurant and Function Area Karachi: Discounts on HiTea, Dinner & Functions

Ziafat Karachi

Karachi has several fantastic upscale restaurants, which serve a huge variety of cuisines. Restaurants in Karachi city offer fine blends of local specialties and delectable international cuisines. We are what we eat, therefore Groupin.pk brings the best restaurant deals in town for you to enjoy. Check out Ziafat restaurant in Karachi and let us know what you think of it.

Dinning Information about Ziafat Karachi Restaurant & Function Area:

Ziafat restaurant Karachi, another branch of which is located in Lahore, is a nice place, with open air sitting, dining and function options. It is family place which is open from 7:30pm to 12:00am hours. Located at Askari Park Old Sabzi Mandy Main University Road Karachi, Ziafat menu food type includes: Chinese, Bar-B-Q, Italian, Fast Food, Curries Items, Desserts, Fish and seafood, Fruit, Karahi, Mongolian   and Cold Drinks. Ziafat menu is available for Lunch, Hitea and Dinner. Given an open air ambiance, Ziafat restaurant Karachi is considered as an Eat out restaurant specializing in Hi-tea and Dinner. The images for Ziafat menu and Ziafat hi tea rates can be seen as under:

ziafat fast food menu

ziafat hi tea rates menu







ziafat Karachi rates hi tea

ziafat restaurant menu

The maître d’hôtel services are very pleasant at the Ziafat restaurant Karachi and you can also avail waiters for your large family functions held at Ziafat.

Facilities at Ziafat Karachi:

ziafat in karachi

The whole Ziafat menu is halal and offers a variety of meals and food options including Bar.B.Q, Chinese, Sea Food, Fast Food, Traditional Foods etc. You can book a reservation at the restaurant through SMS or by calling at the restaurant at their phone number which is: (021) 32005228-9. At the Ziafat Restaurant & Function Area you can avail the Following services:

  • Outdoor-sitting and function Catering options
  • Lawn Facility for holding weddings and concert functions
  • Dine-in options at the restaurant or in the open ground and also Food Take Away
  • Car parking availability
  • Special feature of the Ziafat Restaurant Karachi & Function Area is Safe Open Air Atmosphere.

ziafat restaurant ziafat Karachi

ziafat restaurant karachi ziafat restaurant in karachi

Groupin Plans for Ziafat Karachi and other Restaurants:

Like Other restaurant and food dine-in deals by Groupin.pk such as Upper Deck Islamabad Heng Chang Islamabad and LahoreBahria Town RawalpindiTazauq Café` LahoreCafe` De Viola LahoreNairung Cafe`Lahore, Rawal Dera Islamabad and Da Smoke Islamabad, Groupin.pk aims to bring Ziafat Karachi at an amazing discount rate so that you can enjoy the Ziafat menu with easy and get Ziafat rates for their cuisine at lower prices.

ziafat menuziafat menu

Suggest a deal for Ziafat restaurant Karachi.

If you think that Groupin.pk should bring down Ziafat rates for Bar.B.Q, Chinese, Continental, Italian Sea Food, Fast Food, Traditional Foods and Ziafat hi tea rates or offer other kinds of discounts such as on function management and arrangement, then Suggest a deal with Groupin.pk and like other restaurant deals offered in Pakistan you can get discounted Ziafat rates and enjoy an open air buffet with your family and friends.

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