@YAS Hair n Beauty Salon Islamabad: Regular Facial for Men in Rs.1350 – Groom Yourself with a 50% discount

Men neglect taking care of their faces. There is a tendency among them to think “Who cares, I’m a guy and so they sometimes feel a lack of motivation to bother to really take care of their facial skin. But in real, Facial Care for men is as important as it is for a woman. Today’s hottest Groupin.pk deal for men’s health and beauty includes a special Facial package for men who want to look good all the time.

Regular Facial for men @YAS

Check out the @YAS Hair n Beauty Salon Islamabad deal for men which are offering an exclusive 50% discount for Regular Facial for men at only Rs.1350! Get this relaxing facial experience and rejuvenate your skin from the dead cells, blackheads and the increasing ache marks and get a smoother skin and a fresher face for this Eid.

Start grooming yourself because let’s face it, no one will be attracted to you if you look like one of the Geico cavemen, so do not sit back and laugh at those men who take care of themselves, instead get up and start buying this amazing Regular Facial for men from the expert Yasser Anees Sheikh and professionals at @YAS Hair n Beauty Salon Islamabad. Not only you will feel the tranquil from the thorough massage but you will also gain a more positive attitude and brighten self-esteem.

@YAS Hair n Beauty Salon

Regular Facial for Men Deal Highlights:

  • All Facial products used for facial will be of the `Hollywood` brand.
  • Approximately 1 hour will be spent on facial and massage
  • Free consultation regarding your skin health
  • Appointment necessary is necessary before visiting @YAS Hair n Beauty Salon Islamabad. For appointment contact Gulfam Gouri 0343-4310464. For more details contact @YAS at: 051-8311111-2, 92-313-5220700.
  • Timings salon: 11:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Located at @YAS Mansion, House #35 B (opp Shell Petrol Pump) Main Jinnah Super Road, Sector f-7/2; the Yasser Anees Sheikh’s Team at the salon is the skilled with a decent average of 5 years experience per person based on a team of 81 individuals.

@YAS men salon

@YAS Islamabad is and remains; the only true fashion house in Islamabad with skilled labor, Quality control environment and the provision of aesthetic beauty. This offer is exclusively available for Groupin.pk users and is not available to the walk-in customers, so buy this deal today to get a clean & smoother skin.

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