Why Groupin.pk is Consumer’s Favorite Group Buying Site in Lahore

Groupin.pk with its amazing up to 90% discounts has taken off in Lahore and is currently offering two discount deals simultaneously with 50% off on one of the best eating place and spa in the city. Groupin.pk is offering discounts in Lahore along with several competitor group purchase portals.

Though it is not the only group purchase portal in the city, and has tough competition posed by other daily deal portals, still consumer’s prefer Groupin.pk’s daily discount deals over others. There are several reasons for Groupin.pk being consumer’s favorite group buying site in Lahore.

Groupin.pk user friendly daily discount deal portal:

Groupin.pk in every sense of the word is a user friendly daily deal discount portal, as it serves masses, not a limited class who already holds a strong buying power. Groupin.pk unlike its competitors is striving hard to increase the purchasing power of those who are burdened by high inflation. Therefore it launched its Lahore online daily deal portal with discount on petrol and enabled it’s consumers to save up to Rs. 167 on 10 liters of petrol.

Food security is a grave issue faced by Lahore; unavailability of basic food items has given way to rise in food prices, which has lead to high food rates in hotels and restaurants. Groupin.pk is specially focusing on this area, and is determined to lower the rates of food which is the basic necessity of every social class.

Suggest a deal at Groupin.pk

Groupin.pk formulates its discount deals according to the popular demands and expectations of its users. Therefore it encourages them to suggest their favorite deals through Groupin.pk’s suggest a deal feature. You will surely not find this option in any other group buying site in Lahore. Groupin.pk is the only group buying site that provides its users with the option to register their opinions and demands regarding their favorite merchants, and items. Groupin.pk values the demands and suggestions of its precious subscriber base, which is evident from the discounts given on laptops, and dental services in Islamabad, as these two deals were able to secure maximum votes in Groupin.pk Islamabad, suggest a deal feature.

Groupin.pk’s deals are testimony of its being a consumer friendly online group purchase portal, this is the reason it is loved by consumers in Lahore, who are choosing Groupin’s discount daily deal portal, over other group buying sites.

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