Visit Faislabad,The Manchester of Asia

Faisalabad, formerly Lyallpur, is one of the most important cities of Pakistan. Faisalabad, The heart of Pakistan after Lahore, has played a very significant role in the development of country’s trade and economy. It is supposed to be the major industrial hub of Pakistan as it majorly contributes to the economy of country. This industrial hub is also called as Manchester of Asia due to its industrial importance in the region. Some of the major exports of this city include cotton, wheat, sugarcane, vegetables, and fruits. In this industrial center, we will find industries of railway repair yards, oil seed mills, engineering works, sugar mills, flour mills, ghee mills, paper and pulp mills, printing presses, agricultural equipment, cotton and silk textile mills, chemical industries and beverage industries in a large number. University of Agriculture is one of the prominent sites of this city. Faisalabad is full of shopping bazaars and here you will enjoy some of the famous sightseeing places of country. Some of the local must visit attractions of city are:
Clock Tower:
Clock-tower-FaisalabadIt is the most famous tourist attraction of city. Tourists from all over the world specially come to visit that landmark. Locals named it as Ghanta Ghar. Clock tower was built in the memory of famous Queen Victoria. Tower is placed at the center of the older city. It is surrounded by eight bazaars and due to that reason; city is also called as the city of eight bazaars.

Chenab Club:
Chenab- Club- FaisalabadChenab club  is the oldest  hangout spot or club of city both  for the tourists and local visitors. Club is one of the oldest clubs of city as it was built in nineteenth century .Beside this; there are some other recreation spots as well which you can tour like Jinnah Garden, Gumti Water Fountain, Qaisery Gate, Sindbad etc.

Famous shopping Malls:
shopping-centersCity is full of shopping malls which exhibit a variety of handicrafts and other indigenous products. Mostly, these shopping malls are situated near clock tower. You will also find large number of other shops on Satiana Road, Sargodha Road, Samanabad, Chinoit Bazaar and Batala Colony.
For wild life lovers, there are large number of zoos and national parks in Faisalabad which contain rare species of animals and birds. Mostly these wild animals are used for research activities as well.
Besides, there are some more exciting places to visit in Faisalabad as well.Hopefully, you will appreciate our recommendations.


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