Use of Generators in Pakistan to Overcome the Energy Crisis

There are two kinds of generators basically, first is a standby generator and second is a portable generator. Standby generators give backup power in houses and in official places, and are installed outside the house or any office building. Portable generators are utilized in places where electricity is not available. These generators are enough to run domestic devices like televisions, refrigerators and furnace.

Generators in Pakistan


Mostly generators are used to overcome the power crisis in Pakistan. Different generators for sale are available in market of Pakistan in a large amounts and it is much easy to get.

Gas Generators in Pakistan:

Gas generators in Pakistan

Gas generators are mostly used at home, as they are low in price as compared to others and easy to function. Below you can check out the generator prices for Gas generators in Pakistan:

  • Gas generator 3 KVA in Karachi for Rs.28, 900
  • Honda 5 KVA Gas Generator, Karachi, Rs.115, 000
  • Gas Generator 2 KVA with Cylinder, Karachi, at Rs.22, 000
  • Gas Generator 2 KVA in Lahore for Rs.22,000
  • Gas generator 37.5 KVA in Rawalpindi available for Rs. 430,000

Green Gas generators Honda generators in Pakistan

Petrol Generator in Pakistan:

Petrol generators are used in industrial areas and shops. Their functionality lasts longer than Gas generators usually. Below you can check out the prices for Petrol generators in Pakistan:

Petrol Generator in Pakistan

  • Petrol gas generator 3 KVA, Karachi, Rs.25, 000
  • Denyo 5 KVA Petrol generator, Karachi, Rs.75, 000
  • 5.5 KVA Petrol Power Generator for Sale with 45A Exide Battery in Lahore,Rs.30, 000
  • Inhell petrol Generator for Sales 3.0 KVA in Islamabad, Rs. 25,000
  • Petrol Generator In Pakistan Astra 5.5 KVA Islamabad, for Rs.42, 500
  • Astra 3.5 KVA petrol gas generator for Sale Islamabad, Rs.26, 500

2.8 Petrol Generator in PakistanPetrol Generator

Diesel Generators in Pakistan:

Diesel Generators are the costliest forms of generators and are not preferred due to increase in fuel prices. They are usually used in factories and big commercial and industrial areas, helping large machinery to run.

Diesel Generators in pakistan

  • 1000 KVA, Wartsila, Heavy Fuel Diesel, Rs 60, 00,000/-
  • 650 KVA,, Mitsubishi, Diesel, Rs 22,50,000/-
  • 350 KVA, Cummins, Diesel, Rs 15,50,000/-
  • 75 KVA, Denyo, Diesel, Rs 8, 50, 000/-

Diesel Generators on Salediesel generator set

Discount on Generators in Pakistan:

Generators in Pakistan can be found online and on local electronic shops in Pakistan. The prices for Used generators are only fractionating to that of the original prices of generators. If you want to seek discounts on used or new generator prices in Pakistan then you can put up a suggestion for the Generator sales company for which you want to see discounts and avail them with Groupin. Check out Current Deal on Simtek UPS In Islamabad on to overcome the load shedding issue.

Simtek UPS deal in islamabad

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