SPIDER Magazine Welcomes Groupin’s Collective Buying E-business Model to Pakistan

SPIDER a leading Pakistani IT magazine in its June edition covered a detailed article on Groupin.pk successful functioning in Islamabad. In an elaborative manner it highlighted all important features of Groupin.pk business plan.

Spider magazine with a keen eye on important developments in the IT world, had anticipated beforehand, in its February 2011 edition the success of online group purchase business pattern in Pakistan, as in its list of top ten e-businesses models that can be successfully adapted in Pakistan, it graded Groupon.com, an American based original online group purchase portal’s business model at eighth place.

Groupon.com revolutionary e-business model has been successfully imitated and practically implemented by Groupin.pk in Pakistani context. SPIDER magazine acknowledges this successful adaption of a foreign concept by Groupin.pk in the following words, “Groupin has the potential to do well in Pakistan for many reasons. First, it targets a population that is crippled by high rates of inflation; hence discounts are always welcomed. Second, it caters to one’s appetite for bargaining- a socio-economic norm in Pakistan.”

Like any objective observer SPIDER magazine outlines all the benefits held by Groupin.pk revolutionary business plan for merchants and consumers alike. It also lends a generous piece of advice to Groupin.pk so that it can realize its ideals smoothly and more effectively.

Groupin.pk is extremely delighted to be critically evaluated by the sage philosopher and would definitely work on the wisdom poured generously by SPIDER magazine for Groupin.pk benefit.

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