Shahi Qila The Royal Lahore Fort: One of the Best Historc place to visit

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The Lahore Fort situated in the northwestern corner of Lahore’s Walled City is locally known as Shahi Qila. The elegant structure of the building is the result of many centuries’ work. The Pakistani historian Wali Ullah Khan records that the very first citation to the Fort came in the history of Lahore accumulated by Al-Biruni, which refers to a fort built up in the early 11th century. Munshi Sujan Rae Bhandar, author of the Khulasa-tut-Tawarikh writes that Malik Ayaz, an assistant of Sultan Mahmud, built a masonry fort at Lahore and occupied the city. Generally it is accredited that present Lahore Fort is the same fort, which was blemished by the Mongols in 1241 and again in 1398 by a separated of Taimoor’s army, then rebuilt in 1421 by Sayyid, son of Khizr Khan.


During the Mughal times, The Fort was renovated so many times. That is the reason it is truly named as one of the masterpieces of the Mughal culture. Many emperors like Jalal ud Did Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan, and Aurangzeb all have taken part in addition to it. During the whole era of Sikh possession, Ranjit Singh added numerous domes on the upper ramparts. Some amendments to the Fort were taken place during the times of British period starting in 1846 for housing amenities for colonial functions. Those modifications have been deteriorated and efforts made to bring the Fort back in its actual 1846 condition. History and cultural traditions are preserved in the Lahore Fort, a protected national monument on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites, in the form of Masti Gate, Diwan-i-Am, Moti Masjid, Lal Burg, Naulakha Pavilion and Shish Mahal. The Fort contains marble palaces decorated with mosaics and gilt. The elegance of the splendid monument is matchless.

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