Samsung Mobile Phone Prices & Top 5 Smart Phones in Pakistan

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Mobile Phones are taking an integral part in our lives. A major shift took place in the last quarter in telecommunications with the advent of the very smart “Smartphone”. Mobiles that offer advanced capabilities are otherwise known as Smartphones. The trend had been lurking in the shadows for a while as four major cellular companies came out of the rising competition in creating good opportunities for the end consumers through the inventions of their new model mobile phones: Apple, Samsung, HTC and RIM.

Top Smartphone makers

Apple and Samsung both surpassed Nokia as the Smartphone volume kings, for the first time in 15 years, since the Nokia 9000 Communicator was invented. Apple is the top worldwide Smartphone vendor with approximately 20.3 million units sold. Samsung, selling an estimated 17.3 million units, came in second place.

In Pakistan, people choose a mobile phone that fits their need and carries a reasonable price tag and Samsung has given them with not only excellent quality and sleek design mobile phones with optimum features, but as compared to other competitive phones such as the Apply iPhone, Samsung Smartphones are more affordable.

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The Samsung Smartphones in Pakistan meet the diverse demands of current and potential smart-phone users. Below you can find the details for top five Smartphones by Samsung and compare their prices. If you think that can help you get a Samsung Smartphone of your choice with discounts, then do put up a suggestion for it.

The Top five Smartphones among these include: Samsung i8910 Omnia HD, Samsung I8000 Omnia II, Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II, Samsung M8910 Pixon12, and Samsung i900 Omnia.


The Samsung’s increasing popularity is a result of different Smartphone models which it had released frequently. Samsung Smartphones have Android, Bada, or Windows Phone 7 and so it continues to be tough competitor for other mobile phone companies for the top spot.

These top five Smartphones, though high in prices are also high in demand. The most costly of these Samsung Smartphone is Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II which costs around Rs. 55,500 to Rs 55,700 and is rated at 4.5 stars from the users.

Samsung i8910samsung omnia ii i8000

Samsung i8000 Omnia II and Samsung i8910 Omnia HD priced at Rs. 49,500 and Rs 48,000 are also among the top five Smartphones by Samsung with high quality graphics and features. You can also get Samsung i900 Omnia in Pakistan for about Rs 42,500 from mobile retailers. The pricing might differ a few bucks in different cities.

Samsung i900 Omnia Samsung M8910 Pixon12

Also among the top five Smartphones by Samsung is Samsung M8910 Pixon12, which is slightly lesser in Price than other top Smartphones such as i8910 Omnia HD or I8000 Omnia II. Samsung M8910 Pixon12 costs about Rs. 40,600 and the price might decrease in the years to come.

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