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Online Shopping from Pakistan to Herald in New Era of Affordability

TweetOnline shopping in Pakistan is becoming an active and evolving trend. According to Google’s 2009 stat 18.5 million Pakistanis are habitual internet users. These figures are an encouraging sign for those who are aiming to cash out handsome profits from … Continue reading

Posted in Pakistan | Tagged , | Leave a comment A shopping experience like no other helps its consumers out in the best possible ways with the introduction of lucrative discounts. Some of the nifty customs brought by this online venture include: Easy Accessibility: is exercising the blend of online technology with commerce to bring the … Continue reading

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Online Shopping for Pakistan is now a Treat for All

TweetIn Pakistan, buying and purchasing from shopping centers and online stores kept a snail’s pace until recently when innovations changed the complete scenario in online shopping for Pakistan. Buying through virtual shops came hand in hand with online imbursements and … Continue reading

Posted in Pakistan | Tagged , , , | Leave a comment Saved Rs. 521,760 in 4 Weeks Serving 1701 Users is the next level e-commerce portal in Pakistan. With its successful launch in April 2011, various ground breaking deals have been introduced by in the society. The first four discount deals by Groupin, each of which lasted almost a … Continue reading

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Online shops in Pakistan: Rarity turning into reality with

TweetOnline shops in Pakistan are a rarity, though they do exist, but most of the customers are unaware of their presence.  As, Pakistani online shops are limited in their scope, some deliver flowers, cakes, eid cards and gifts to Pakistan … Continue reading

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Pakistani Online Shopping Best Understood by

TweetOnline shopping internationally has become an integral part of life of countless internet users, as this new mode of shopping is facilitating the consumers in beneficial ways. There are several Pakistani online shopping sites, stores, and shops, which are a … Continue reading

Posted in Pakistan | Tagged , , | Leave a comment takes steady steps towards success, the latest venture of Pakistan, with its slogan “Mehngai Ke Khilaf Jang” has popped up as the leader of the collective buying concept in Pakistan. The creatives behind this emerging concept are working hard to bring amazing offers that … Continue reading

Posted in Entertainment, Events, Islamabad | Tagged , , , | 1 Comment A Connecting Link between Merchant and Potential Consumers has attained the status of an effective yet affordable playground for advertisers.  As,’s recent deals generated more than 100% results for the featured businesses. Every deal generated maximum number of customers that surpassed merchants expected numbers. This was … Continue reading

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Delve in Cligue Café’s continental delicacy at 50% discount’s latest discount deal is yet another treat for Islooites, as this time around Clique Café is offering 50% off on its sizzling chicken steak, with fries and spinach. By availing the deal you will be saving Rs. 325 on … Continue reading

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Pakistan Shopping Trends; Opening New Avenues for Advertisers

TweetOnline media has become one of the most effective and powerful medium of communication. All brick and mortar businesses have shifted to online media, for different purposes, some for selling their products while others for attracting potential consumers. Conventional Pakistan … Continue reading

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