Overview of Emerging Technologies in Pakistan

Technology is on its way, nobody knows where it will land but it is really serving humanity at its apex. Introduction of latest technology, equipments in every walk of life has enabled the mankind to save a lot of time, money, hitches and in some way security matters. A shift from tradition to technology, in terms of approach and tools, is actively underway in Pakistan thanks to the emerging digital and IT infrastructure for communication and other operations.


Pakistan Media

Let’s start with discussing technology implementation Pakistan media. Today Pakistan media and journalists are reaching a growing audience not just within the country but also around the globe. The growing audience made the Pakistan media thinks over implement dynamic and interact online platform for print media and channels.

Today the challenging environment has prompted the media organizations to invest more in modern facilities in order to attract a maximum number of readers, viewers and listeners around the world. The number of online visitors is increasing faster on interactive news websites that on stagnant one. Online traffic is also helping media organizations to attract online advertisements and generate more revenues. It seems that those choosing to ignore the modern trends are, in the end, losing a lot of viewers, listeners and readers.



NADRA (National Databases and Registration Authority) has just announced that it will bring in a big revolution in Pakistan by introducing Chip-National Identity Card. This is a fully new technology to Pakistan as it is being said that old cards will be replaced by these new CHIP-CNIC. Up till now it seems to be a really very good project regarding both the data processing and security.

NADRA elaborated the sole purpose of this CHIP-CNIC is to improve the identification process as it will help them to have fool proof security and identification which will really help in terrorism control activities. NADRA have trained six engineers who were sent to France for IT that will assist in this project in Pakistan. This chip is thought to be a blessing in security purpose as it will also be able to help security agencies regarding identification issues.


Telecom Companies in Pakistan

Mobile phones are like the whole world in your pocket. The Technology that has been implementing in wireless connectivity is taking mobile communication to a whole new level and mobile phone number has become a universal identity.

Mobile phone users are increasing everyday in Pakistan, which increased the demand of newer, faster and better technologies in wireless communication. After the installation of GSM and CDMA network in Pakistan, companies will now be able to offer the wonders of 3G (third Generation) network to its customers.

3G wireless networks refer to near future developments in personal and business wireless technology, especially relating to mobile communication. It comes with many benefits, such as roaming capabilities, broad bandwidth and high speed communication (up to 2 Mbps).

More and more technologies are being implemented in Pakistan which includes the E-Commerce sector, Space and technology, Missile technologies and many more. Pakistan is a developing country and organizations are investing more money in technology sector rather than the traditional way of attracting more audience.

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