Online Shopping in Peshawar to Harness a New Era of Community Development

Peshawar despite being a metropolitan city has a low literacy rate as compared to other urban centers. According to internet world stats only 152,762 people in Peshawar city can use internet.

Low literacy and poverty go hand in hand, in the light of this scenario, holds immense potential to act as an effective tool for community development in Peshawar. through the aid of online shopping in Peshawar shall introduce new initiatives for change, which will enhance the skills, abilities and knowledge of the native residents.

New media has smoothly replaced traditional mediums of education, business, information, and entertainment. Survival of communities lies in adapting to the changing trends of time. is determined to play its role in bringing much needed technological awareness among locals by mainstreaming the trend of online shopping in Peshawar. shall utilize online shopping in Peshawar to empower masses in a way that they will attain increased control over their lives, and will be able to live a more fulfilling existence.

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