Olive Grill Restaurant Lahore; Suggest a Meal for Big Savings

Food is Lahore’s specialty and that is the reason there’re o many restaurants in the city. The presence of too many restaurants creates a competition among the owners on one hand and makes it bit difficult for customers to choose. Keeping this fact in mind Groupin.pk has initiated suggest a deal feature whereby people who have already visited a restaurant let us know about the meals and services which makes it easier for others to decide what to eat there. So, today we’ve brought Olive Grill Restaurant for you to discuss. The restaurant is located at M.M Alam road and is famous for its desi cuisine, although it has a lot more in its menu.

olive Grill logo

Let’s first see what they have in menu.

1- Beverages: A wide range of variety is available for you to choose from, i.e. Lassi, Pina colada, Margarita, Blue Lagoon and a lot more.

2- Sandwiches & Burgers: They have something different here. Besides chicken burgers and club sandwiches there’s a lot more including steak and jalapeno burgers and sandwiches.

3- Sea Food: It’s not just fish and chips, but a lot more including Thai and Mexican flavors, lobsters, prawns etc.

4- Gravies: A wide range of desi gravies are there. Some of the famous items from Gravies menu are Achar Gosht, Chicken Ginger, Chicken Karahi etc.

5- Soups; There’re Mexican, Chicken Vegetable and some Olive Grill Special soups. Definitely, good to try!

olive menu

Besides the above mentioned items, there’s variety of chicken dishes, appetizers, pasta, desserts, salad and hot beverages liked by most of the customers there at Olive Grill Restaurant.

olive menu 2You may want to try all of the items in Olive Grill’s menu, and you’ll certainly feel great if the prices are brought down. So, look at the menu well and decide what items you want to try there. Use the button below to suggest a deal and we’ll bring your favorite item for lowest possible prices.

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