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nust logoWhen we think of higher and professional education, there are many institutes in Pakistan who offer degrees in a number of disciplines. After completion of Intermediate or Bachelors degree, students look to go for a professional degree like Engineering, Medical, Information Technology (IT) or Management science. It is important for the students to get a professional degree from a renowned, well-reputed and highly recognized institute so as to be on a successful career path. One such institute in Pakistan that offers professional degrees that are recognized both nationally and internationally is National University of Science and Technology Islamabad.

NUST University Islamabad

The National University of Science and Technology is commonly known as NUST, located in the developing area of H-12 Sector in Islamabad. Presently, NUST is the dynamic face of higher education in Pakistan. The newly built technology-smart campus in Islamabad lies not only with some leading educational institutes and research centers but also enjoys the close neighborhood of the capital’s industrial sector. NUST is one of the new Pakistani generation Universities with a progressive and innovative stance. The University is predicted to grow as a modern centre of excellence for research and development in the fields of sciences and technology. The essence underlying the foundation of NUST revolves around spectral combination of engineering, information technology (IT), medical and management sciences with higher academic quality and spirit of excellence personifying its valued objectives. NUST is committed to provide intellectual leadership and development of native technology in the country and to emerge as a signal of light for the country’s scientific and technological progress and needs.

NUST students achievement

Besides the typical study life, the NUST Islamabad students like to engage themselves in a number of re-creational activities including dine outs, fashion shows, concerts and trips to different places. These activities are a part of their weekends if not the regular weekdays. Some students for some reason just feel a bit reluctant participating in such entertaining activities. However, now with, students in big numbers would be able to enjoy entertainments of their choice. There was a awareness survey conducted by in some leading universities. Most students appreciated the idea behind working of as a group buying website. Many good students have been offered Brand Ambassador and many other lucrative posts upon joining Hence, the students of NUST Islamabad are encouraged to give us ideas about the types of deals they like to have. Some of the students in NUST want to take an initiative for Deals and discounts on students admission fee, IELTS preparation in Islamabad, Short courses and course books. If you want to have your customized deal them simply visit the website and click on suggest a deal button as shown below to give us an idea.


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Active Deals in Islamabad

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