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National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences

The metropolitan city, Lahore is one of the best cities truly renowned as a hub of high standard education system. There are many famous and internationally recognized educational institutions which are the name of high quality education systems. Among all these names, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Lahore (FAST) stands prominent. The university is located in Faisal Town which is the heart of greater Lahore. The campus is facilitated with fully air-conditioned class rooms equipped with teaching aids, and a number of computing and engineering laboratories. These computer labs consist of database, programming, software engineering, and computer application labs. The whole campus is completely facilitated with fast Local Area Network and latest wireless hotspots.

Moreover, there is an Auditorium, Seminar Hall, Cafeteria, separate Boys & Girls Common Rooms and offices of different students’ societies. In order to maintain the topmost standards, FAST Lahore implemented special rules to be followed by the students. For this it is mandatory for every student there to keep his GPA up to the mark, this makes their routine so tight and quite tough. In this adamant schedule students defiantly need some kind of refreshing activities which make them relaxed and again ready for another tough day. For this, students sometimes arrange different parties, get-togethers, shows or dine outs with their friends and family which helps them to face their burdensome study routine again with fresh mood and energy. Indulging in such kind of activities surly demand some fine amount of money to spend and due to different financial backgrounds many students cannot easily afford the mange. Keeping the aim of special care for its valued consumer’s has come up with many price affected deals which can defiantly assist the student to cope up with their needs effectively.

FAST-NUCES Lahore 1 FAST-NUCES Lahore 2 FAST-NUCES Lahore 4 FAST-NUCES Lahore 4 has introduced many deals with ideal discounts which people enjoyed a lot by saving handsome amount from their budgets, and still this one of its kind portal is working on to bring awful deals for its consumers. By presenting its unique feature of ‘suggest a deal’ here people can vote for their favorite item which they really want to be on deep discount. The deals at that may suit students of FAST are Bakers boutique in PC Lahore, Avari Hotel Lahore, Rock Stuff Lahore, Cinnabon Bakery Cafe Lahore etc.

Besides these if you want something more, don’t forget to suggest it using the button below. For instance you might be interested in discount on some courses, accommodation,  and other facilities in the university. Further, check the currently active deals in the city.

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