Multan,the City of Saints,Shrines and Madinah-Tul-Oleyah


Multan is supposed to be the oldest city in South East Asia. It is the main Southern city of Punjab province. Due to presence of great number of shrines and Sufi saints, Multan is also called as City of Sufis or City of Saints and Madinah-Tul-Oleyah. City of saints has now become an important political city of Pakistan. Multan is divided into old city (Purana Shehar) and new city (Nawa Shehar). You will find hustle bustle in old city while in new city, you can enjoy sound streets and facilities of five star hotels. City is full of interesting bazaars, mosques, decorated shrines and ornate tombs. Some of the highly recommended attractions of Multan are: 

Baha-ud-din-Zakariya- Mausoleum-Multan

Baha-ud-din Zakariya (Mausoleum)

The beautiful mausoleum is situated on Qila Kohna Qasim Bagh Road near Hajj Complex. People from all over the world specially come to this mausoleum for fatiha. It is 51ft 9inch high.

Shah Shams Park


Shah Shams Park is positioned on Eidgah Road near Tomb of Shah Shams. This beautiful park is named after famous sufi saint Shah Shams Tabrez. Shah Shams Park is full of flowers, fountains, rides, playing areas and lush grounds. You will also find a small lake within the park. It is an ideal place to visit with your family.


Multan Arts Council


Multan Arts Council is situated on MDA Road near National Book Foundation. It organizes musical shows, arts exhibitions, and Islamic arts & painting competitions every year. Council is playing a very vital role in encouraging students towards arts and culture of Multan.


Ghanta -Ghar (Clock Tower house)-Multan
Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower house)

Clock tower is located on Tughlaq Road which is supposed to be the busiest area of Multan business district. It was constructed by British rulers before independence.



Beside these places, there are lot more other attractions in Multan like Dehli Gate,Haram Gate,Jinnah Park,Multan Fort (Bab-ul-Qasim),PAK Gate,Shah Shams Tabrez (Mausoleum),Shahi Eid Gah Mosque and much more.Hopefully, you will appreciate our recommendations.

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