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If you are in the wonderful city of Karachi something which you can find there quite easily is a good eat out place. Almost everywhere in Karachi there are places like restaurants, cafés and small food spots where you can find some really delicious eatable stuff. One such place in Karachi which is perhaps particularly aimed for those who like to have spicy food is Mirchi Restaurant Karachi.

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About Mirchi Restaurant Karachi

The famous Mirchi Restaurant was opened by Amjad Shehzad back in February 2007. Shehzad was born in Pakistan in the year 1972 and despite living in Canada for over 12 years his love for his homeland Pakistan made him establish this Mirchi Restaurant. The ambition of this restaurant is to serve the exclusive tasty cuisines found in some area of India and Pakistan punctuated with style, flair and presentation. The selection of food delivers flavours of remarkable complexity and intensity extracted from the well-known cities of India and Pakistan. As per the name implies the food here is not necessarily spicy instead there are certain levels of spicing as desired by the visitors.

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Location of Mirchi Restaurant

This gorgeous restaurant is located in the D.H.A phase 5 in Badar Commercial lane 5. To be exact the plot number is 15-C and Shop number 1 & 2.

Mirchi restaurant in karachi

Menu at Mirchi Restaurant

From the chaat selection, currently on the menu, there is sev puri, dahi puri, papri mirch and gol gappas, and were by and large pleased with our choice. The sev puri was so very crispy and was filled with up with potatoes and sev. The dahi batata puri was different from the meethi puri normally an offer at more chaat places. Crisp Gol gappas which are one of my favorite had a potato filling and was doused in sweetened yogurt with tamriknd chutney. The papri mirch was much like chana papri at most places except that it was served warm, which made it that much more appealing. Besides you can also have Chicken/Mutton Biryani, Chicken/Mutton/Beef/Prawn Karahis and a lot many vegetarian dishes.

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