Lok Virsa Museum Islamabad; One of the Best National Heritage Museums in Pakistan

Pakistan national heritage museum

Numerous museums in Pakistan are archaeological which has a legacy from colonial times. The Heritage Museum is the very first state museum of cultural heritage in the country which depicts and promotes the history and living traditions of the people of Pakistan both from the prevailing and the remotest regions of the country. The destination of this landmark achievement at Islamabad embellishes the federal capital and adds to its attractions.

The foremost intention of the museum is to inform and instruct the present and future generations of Pakistan and to develop a treasure house for the nation more precious than the vault of any bank in the world.

The museum has a covered the area of 60,000 sq. ft. featuring halls of exhibition, making it the largest museum in Pakistan. This is a museum for the people of Pakistan, who are the real bearers of our cultural traditions, which make Pakistan truly great.

caligraphy vase Lok Virsa Museum Heritage Library national heritage museum drama reflects Pakistani culture

Halls of Museum:

1-      Antiquity & Continuity

The hall portrays Mehrgarh 8000 BC, Moenjodaro 2500 BC, Harappa 2500 BC, Gandhara 250 BC and the continuity of these ancient civilizations in present times.

2-     Textile & Embroidery

The gallery houses one of the richest displays in handmade textiles, natural dyes, rare embroidery and patchwork.

3-     Sufi & Shrines

Portrays sufi traditions of contemplation, shrine architecture, sufilore and sufi practices, their celebrations, rituals and related spiritual ways are expressed through dioramic display.

4-     Ballads & Romances

Romances, musical narratives and love-lore are portrayed through dramatized displays. Heer Ranjha, Adam Durkhaney, Dhola Maru and Hani Shah Mureed presents the four legendary tales of provincial Pakistan.

5-     Musical Heriage

In this hall you can experience the most educational expose on musical traditions of Pakistan. The old beginnings in the times of Moenjodaro to Vedic origins and the contributions of Muslims over the last centuries.

6-     Thematic Exhibition

Many other authentic displays of arts, crafts, traditional skills rituals and living traditions have been show-cased in the Museum.

7-     Architecture & Wood Work

The gallery of traditional Mughal and Central Asian architectural arts is one of the most educative experiences. Rare and dying architectural skills as tile mosaic, freso, Stucco, woodwork, are on display with techniques & skill.

8-    Jewellery & Metal Work

Here you can see the rare collection of exotic ethnic jewelry from all regions of Pakistan. Also antique examples of brass & copper work are on display.

9-     Ethnic Tribes

Here people can find the colorful portrayal of ethnic tribes of all regions of Pakistan in natural habitat. The Kalash of Kafrista, Gujars of Kaghan, Indus Kohistan, Borushu of Hunza, Sheedi of Makran and many more.

Pakistan national heritage museum remains open 6 days in a week and stays close on Friday; its timings are 10am to 8pm. There is a high recommendation for the visitors to visit this place where you can see the works towards preserving the living folk and traditional culture of Pakistan.



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