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If you are looking for some entertainment being in the city of Lahore there are so many sources and ofcourse places that it becomes confusing when you have to make a decision. However, if you have kids along with you one best place for them could be the zoo. If we talk about zoo then the Lahore Zoo is probably the most famous not only in Lahore but all over Pakistan.


The Lahore Zoo is located along the famous Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam , just ahead of the charring cross and almost opposite to the WAPDA house. The following Lahore Zoo map may be helpful in locating.

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About Lahore Zoo

Lahore Zoo was established in 1872, and is presently one of the largest zoos in South Asia. It is currently managed by the Wildlife and Parks department of the Government of Pakistan. Today the zoo houses a collection of about 1380 animals of 136 species. Lahore Zoo was the host of the fifth annual conference of SAZARC in 2004. Lahore Zoo is also thought to be the third, and sometimes fourth, oldest zoo in the world. Vienna Zoo of Austria, established in 1752 as a menagerie, was opened to public as a zoo in 1779. London Zoo of England, established in 1828, was opened to public in 1847. The Alipore Zoo of India, established sometime in the early 19th century, was opened to public as a zoo in 1876.

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Animals at Lahore Zoo

In the Lahore Zoo animals, there is a collection of about 1380 animals of 136 species. The lion house is the probably the oldest structure retained in the zoo and is the most attractive building of olden type comprising seven dens at the back. Besides, the elephant house is modeled on the pattern of elephant house at London zoo featuring elephants, rhinoceroses and hippopotamuses. Then we have the most attractive Monkey house comprising of two blocks with three and four cages and also the Leopard house in the conventional design, as seen in many zoos. For the birds there is a peasantry which houses birds like cockatoo budgerigars and other parrots.

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Visiting Lahore Zoo via

The Lahore Zoo is certainly one of the best places to visit with family specially your kids. The Lahore Zoo timings are from 9 AM in the morning till 7 PM in evening and the ticket per head is around 15 to 20 rupees. This may not be that much for a small family but if you have a large one with a healthy number of kids or there is a trip from school the amount can go a bit higher. Nevertheless, as a member of you can have some big discounts on your visit as Groupin can make them upto as much as 90%. There have been a few entertaining deals by in Lahore and Rawalpindi-Islamabad like one from the X Park Lahore and one from Islamabad Canoe club. If you want Groupin to bring you an entertaining deal of your choice from your desired entertaining spot then suggest a deal for it. Visit the website and click on the icon as shown below.

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