Lahore Museum in Pakistan: The Best Place to Preserve & Learn the History in its Original Form

lahore museum

Pakistan is a country which got immense precious treasures of history and civilization that are already being displayed at various museums. In addition to the Mughal architecture that adorns the city of Lahore; there are a good number of buildings having the beautiful British architecture. These include, but are not limited to, Government College Lahore, General Post Office, Saint Anthony’s High School, and among these most prominent, The Lahore Museum.

The best Museum in Pakistan, in fact Pakistan’s largest museum and possesses the country’s richest cultural and historical objects.

Lahore Museum in Pakistan interior

The Architecture of Lahore Museum

The building of Lahore museum is based on the same Mughal-Gothic style. The lush green Shalimar-like gardens, neatly planted trees and flowers reflecting variety of colors and fresh breeze, a good strong and secure red-brick building, beautiful allegorical tombs presenting Islamic cultural heritage with an artistic work of crafted and paved windows and doors, attractive castle-like balconies, with an mesmerizing white royal doorway and the historical cannons greetings, all cast a spell on the on goers to stand and observe and encourages the visitors to come and look inside this great architecture place.

Main Hall of Portraits in Lahore Museum

There is a huge and diverse array of paintings dating back to Mughal, Sikh and British era. These are the portraits of the great Mughal kings, queens, knights, warriors, ministers and other VIPs at that time with their brief history written under their proud looking pictures. The museum has 20 galleries with items dating from the Stone Age to the 20th century.

Pakistan stamp 1994 Lahore Museum, Pakistan, Asia

Arms & Artillery in Lahore Museum

Another interesting section of this historical museum is The Arms and Artillery. Right after entering this war section, there is great regal bronze sculpture of Queen Victoria wearing Honiton lace apron.

The Ancient Civilization in Lahore Museum

In various galleries numerous items from Harrappa, Mohen-jodaro and other parts of the world are preserved and presented in a very impressive way. The Hindu collection, based on carved stone sculptures of Krishna, Radha and other deities, depicts the artistic expertise of the craftsmen. Burmese, Tibetan and Nepalese accumulation are also found in the Hindu, Buddha and Jain gallery. The chronological preservations such as the life story of Buddha from his previous incarnations, birth, youth, and enlightenment, sermonizing of the law and death at the center of the Buddha gallery, friezes and other pieces of a reconstructed stupa from Sikri are displayed.

Ethnological, Arts & Crafts, Coins & Medals, Islamic & Paintings Gallery

The next section is of Ethnological gallery, Arts and Crafts, Coins and Medals, The Islamic Section and Paintings gallery. In the first gallery he showed us huge beautiful glass cases. These cases were presenting different cultures and tradition of different parts of the country, like all the provinces, the deserted areas and the Northern areas.

Buddha statue Lahore Statue Victoria SADEQUAIN MURAL sculpture of Budhha

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