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Sometimes we look for places which are different from all others in terms of social get togetherness. There can be many good ideas that evolve in our minds and feelings born in our hearts that we are often not able to express. Those feelings could be about the different cases and scenarios of our society which we would like to express before others. There is a possibility that those ideas that we come up with, together with the ideas of people having same state of mind can possibly bring a big change in our society. There need to be a special place for this and if you are in the city of Islamabad there is one such known as Kuch Khaas meaning something special.

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Kuch Khaas is a not-for-profit social enterprise, known as the Centre for Arts, Culture and Dialogue. It is a community space for interaction, public discourse, cultural and intellectual pursuits, and civic engagement. If you dream of a better society, Kuch Khaas aims to give you the platform to make it happen. Upon entering the doors, you’ll find like-minded, strong-willed individuals ready to change the world, one gig, exhibition, or class at a time, and welcome new thought and action. As enthusiasts of art, music, poetry, philosophy, ethical precepts, human rights and democracy, the Kuch Khaas team felt that they needed to put their money where the mouth is so as to do more than just talk about the Pakistan we want. The team at Kuch Khaas brings together multifaceted perspectives in pursuit of special goals of youth empowerment, community outreach, and general social awareness. They look to actively promote arts, culture and intellectual engagement as instruments of social change.

Kuch Khaas islamabad

Although there is no membership fee, but the regular visitors are encouraged to register with, and pay a nominal sum for obtaining a membership card, required for security purposes.  Kuch Khaas members have access to all our events, and most of the available facilities.  Unlimited use of our Art Studio and Brick Kiln and our Computer Lab (outside of classes held in these facilities) can be accessed for an additional monthly fee.  Considering that these charges could still be too much for many, Groupin.pk offers discounts upto as much as 90%. Now all those who have a passion to change the society can join Kuch Khaas at an even affordable fee though discounted deals of Groupin.pk. As Groupin.pk users you should just let us know the type of deal you Groupin.pk to bring for you. Visit the website and click on suggest a deal icon as shown below and let us know about the activity you wish to participate in at Kuch Khaas. The Deals Nearest to the Kuch Khaas center is waiting for you, don’t forget to purchase one of your favorite deal of Heng Chang Restaurant IslamabadUpper Deck Islamabad and Haroon`s 2 Islamabad.

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