Khiva Restaurant Islamabad, Fine Dining With Central Asian Cuisine

Khiva restaurant in Islamabad will make you differentiate between dining and fine dining. The ambiance captivates the customers and the fine cuisines and eateries bring a whole new level of taste. Khiva Restaurant offers ultimate in the Central Asian Cuisine and is famous for its fine dining in Islamabad.

It is the first ever restaurant in Islamabad which has since come a long way in providing excellent, healthy and exquisite Central Asian food and other related services to its customers. Khiva Islamabad also specializes in Food Catering services and Event Planning and Management to the crème de la crème of Islamabad.

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When you enter Khiva restaurant, you will feel like you are in a local craftsmen outlet, a place abundant with arts and crafts, touching the historical roots which are long lost in Pakistan. The whole place is surrounded by ethnic Central Asian, Afghan & Iranian kiln, carpets & furniture, waterfalls & a few birds giving a very relaxing effect.

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The locally made artwork and crafts decorating the entire area offers a great feeling when you dine at Khiva, all of which is coupled with excellent service and good food. One has a choice of dining indoors in a cozy, ‘easy to move round table arrangement ‘ or enjoy the rear lawn view arrangement with its lily pond.

If you are looking something other than all the dining and eating delights at Khiva, you can find other attractions in the form of a pool table and an informal area near the front entrance, but these are so located so as not to disturb the dining patrons. The good thing about the place is the quiet efficiency of the waiters and its unique and ultimate culinary experience.

Khiva restaurant is located at F Area, 64, Main Margalla Road, Sector F-6/3 Islamabad and has been offering  a delicious carte du jour, which is divided into the following categories.

  • Soups and salad bar
  • Main Courses
  • Palovs
  • Bar B.Q
  • Balauchi Cuisine
  • Sea Food
  • Bars
  • Café
  • Hi-tea
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