Karachi Gymkhana Club Membership Fee, Events & Regulations

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Launch of Karachi Gymkhana:

Located at 4- club road, Karachi Gymkhana was based in 1886 solely for its associates. It proposes the diverse types of amenities and services to its associates every day from 6 am to midnight. It never closes even on festivals/ Gazetted vacations somewhat colorful programs are organized on these events. The Karachi Gymkhana club registered over 9000 associates with their family members, the member ship in result arrives to round 45,000 plus.

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Karachi Gymkhana Rating:

Karachi Gymkhana expressly ranked as one of the biggest clubs in Asia with respect to its membership and sports facilities. The numerous amenities like Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Cricket and other sports, Swimming pool, Sauna bathing tub, T.V Room, Jogging Track, Car Parking, Catering, Library, Entertainments, Gymnasium, and Physical Fitness are accessible for constituents and their families.

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Karachi Gymkhana Rules:

Karachi Gymkhana has its own by-laws, and rules, which are applicable to all members. The body of Managing Committee is elected for one year by the vote of permanent members to look after the affairs of the club. Dedication, Discipline, Loyalty and team spirit have been the principle which have motivated, the members of the Karachi Gymkhana through this glorious period of over a hundred years and God willing, will continue to guide them in the service of their beloved club in the years to come.

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