Jugnu Wasim Beauty Salon Rawalpindi

About Jugnu Wasim Beauty Salon:

Jugnu Wasim Beauty Salon is one of the famous beauty salons in Rawalpindi. The salon was started by Jugnu & Wasim in 2007. The salon is located in Chaklala Scheme-III, a posh area of Rawalpindi. Since its establishment, the Jugnu Wasim Beauty Salon has been a remarkable name in the society and had a huge number of loyal customers.  Various other salons are located nearby Jugnu Wasim Beauty Salon like Depilex, Beauty hut woman parlor & Passion’s but still a big number of clients want to go to Jugnu Wasim Beauty Salon for Facial, Cutt’s Mani/Padi cure, Hair treatment, and Party makeup. Overall they are known best for their Bridal Make-Up.

The Jugnu Wasim Beauty Salon is providing services which enhance health and beauty through recreation treatments that are good for the mind, body and soul. Other than this you can also enjoy some other services like Aerobics classes, self grooming course & training classes that you rarely find in any other salon in the Rawalpindi.

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Jugnu Wasim Beauty Salon Environment:

As you enter the salon you feel relaxed and it’s like visiting a different world altogether. They have set a stunning interior to make customers feel relaxed at the Jugnu Wasim Beauty Salon during Facial, Cutt’s Mani/Padi cure, Hair treatment etc.  Clients are guaranteed to enjoy Jugnu Wasim Beauty Salon services which are carried out in a relaxing environment by the professional experts. They have highly trained staff, which will do their best to make you feel as want to feel and also give you advice on your skin and health. They are also offering training classes for ladies who have strong interest in it and want to become beauty specialist themselves.

parlour, salon, studio

parlour, salon, studio

Jugnu Wasim Beauty Salon Location:

Jugnu Wasim Beauty Salon is located in a famous area at Chaklala Scheme-III. It is located close to Ammar Shaheed Chowk & Car Chowk. The distance is about 1.3 Km from Ammar Shaheed Chowk and about 2.3 Km from Car Chowk. It will hardly take 3 minutes to reach there by Car from Ammar Shaheed Chowk.

You can also contact them at 051-5590115, 5590261 or visit their website for more details. The following map will also help you to find out the exact location:

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Checklist for Jugnu Wasim Beauty Salon:

  • Location: House # 109, Street # 11, Chaklala Scheme-III Rawalpindi (map)
  • Telephone: 051-5590115, 5590261
  • Business Hours: 10:00 – 18:00 daily except Sundays
  • Services: Facial, Cutt’s Mani/Padi cure, Hair treatment, party makeup
  • Parking: Plenty of self-parking available
  • Special packages: Bridal Package with services
  • Popular Services: Bridal make-up
  • Modern facilities: Fully Air conditioned
  • Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited
  • Nearest beauty salons: Depilex, Beauty hut woman parlor & Passion’s
  • Payment Options: Cash and major credit and debit cards accepted
  • Cost Range: Economical***

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