ISSB Selection Criteria and Series of Tests

ISSB Inter Services Selection Board is a human resource organization established by the Armed Forces of Pakistan for the selection of individuals required for Armed Forces of Pakistan. The Inter Services selection boards main mission is to select potential candidates who have the mental, Physical, moral and Dynamic qualities to become an officer in the future and to serve Pakistan Armed forces during peace and war.


The candidates reporting at ISSB are to go through an elaborate selection system and series of tests and the ones with potential are recommended and are further advanced to undergo training in the selected armed force academy.

Following is the Selection criteria for the candidates in ISSB.

There are three dimensions in the ISSB selection process, Candidates that are appearing the ISSB have to go through three different types of tests.

  • Psychological Tests
  • GTO Tests (Group task Officer)
  • Interview

The above tests are carried out under the administration of Psychologists, Group testing officers and Deputy Presidents of the ISSB.

Series of Tests: The series of tests carried out by the ISSB are done in 5 days of time, each day from the start is scheduled to a series of tests, following are the details day wise.

Arrival Day: All those candidates who have received their call letters from ISSB, have to report themselves in a specific time and date according to the Call letter, They will have to report themselves at the ISSB reception of the specified ISSB centres Kohat, Gujranwala and Malir, Karachi.

Once reported at the reception the candidates documents will be checked and they will be allotted with ID and Chest numbers, Photographs will be taken for documents with Chest numbers.

In the evening the candidates will be addressed by the ISSB Administration staff and candidates will be handed with questionnaires they will have to fill up.

1st Day: The First day of ISSB will start with an Opening Address by a Deputy President of ISSB, which will further advance towards the Inteligence tests or Screen out tests, after the completion of screen out tests the result will be announced, Screened out candidates will no longer be able to carry on the other subsequent tests and will be told to leave the ISSB centre.

2nd Day: The Second day will commence with a Briefing by Deputies of ISSb, followed by Indoor tasks, the Indoor tasks are carried out to monitor the strategic abilities of a candidate. Indoor tasks include the following:

Group Discussion: In group discussions, a group of subsequent candidates are made and they are to discuss about a given topic and debate on it.

Group Planning: Group planning is carried out with a Model resembling land situations.

After the Indoor tasks Outdoor Tasks are held which consist of the following:

Progressive Group Task (PGT)

Half Group Task (HGT)

After the Indoor and Outdoor tasks Interviews are held by the Deputy Presidents and Vice president of the ISSB.

3rd Day: The third day of ISSB is the final day of tests and tasks, starting with Individual obstacles in which candidates have to go through a series og physical obstacles like Monkey bridge, Boxer ring and Ditches, each candidate is given a time of two minutes in which he has to complete 9 obstacles.


After the Individual tasks Command tasks are held in which each candidate has to control and command a group of his/her. After the Individual tasks the GTO administers a Final Group Task in which a group of candidates has to go through an Obstacle task with the cooperation of each other.

The third day ends with leftover interviews.

4th Day: This is the final day which starts of with a conference lead by Administrating authorities of the ISSB, after the conference the candidates are free from all tasks and tests and are told to wait for re-interviews. Results are prepared that day and at about 5.00pm the candidates are dispersed to go home, The ISSB provides them with travel allowance in the form of cash to each and every candidate for the travel they have bared.

The results of ISSB are then provided to a mailing address of each candidate.


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