Islamabad Rawal Lake in Pakistan: A Beautiful Combination of Lake View & Garden

Rawal Dam Islamabad

Constructed in 1962, Rawal Lake in Pakistan is an artificial reservoir that provides the water needs for the cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Korang River along with some other small streams coming from Margalla Hills have been set to form this artificial lake which covers an area of 8.8 km².

This lake offers various sports activities like fishing, boating, canoeing, rowing, sailing etc. like:

F-1 Traxx:

F-1 Traxx has been a recent launch in Islamabad where three different ATV tracks one each for ages 6-12, 12-16 and 16 plus and two separate tracks for battery-operated ride on cars, are the highlights. There are also two different train’s tracks, one for a car shaped carriage train, and the other for a train with five colorful cartoon carriage carts. Further offers are the scores of different token rides and a ‘merry go rounds’ for little children, which adds to the colors and activities in the beautiful setup.

F1 Traxx at lake view

Café Traxx:

A self-service theme café by the name ‘Café Traxx’ serves such a feast of fast-foods and drinks, that kid and adults love it alike.

3D Motion Ride in F1 Traxx, Lake View Park, Islamabad:

Thrill Ride Presents different motion rides in Fast, Medium & Slow Motions. Different External Effects add the reality in Cinema Atmosphere and People feel that they are become the Part of that 3D Ride Movies. Thrill Ride Proudly introduced 10 Thrilling Ride Movies for Thrill Lovers.

Motion Ride at Rawal Lake view

Bus service in Lake View:

Lake View Park has covered huge area and it is difficult for many people especially for old aged and kids to visit all around the park and enjoy its attractions. Keeping the needs to these people there is bus service in Lake View Park, people use it to have around all across the parka and enjoy all the amusements.

Water boats:

Lake View Park is the only park in federal capital where the visitors can enjoy boating. Here Motorized as well as Manual Water boats are also available at the site, people often come here just for boating.  No doubt it is just boating which makes this park special for its visitors.

Water boating at rawal lake

Rawal dera Restaurant in Lake View:

Located at Rawal Dam, Lake View Park; Rawal Dera is a place where you can relax in an informal setting of cozy sitting arrangement and enjoy magical moments of heavenly reflections in the water with family and friends in a scenic atmosphere.  From the range of contemporary food and drinks to traditional flavors and excellent atmosphere, the place has got everything that can keep you captivated and coming back over and over again.

Rawal dera restaurant

Locals frequently visit here during evenings. Sunset at Rawal Lake is very beautiful. Many people visit here, sit here and relax. The area around the lake has been adorned with different type of trees, gardens; walking tracks etc. if you are the one who is planning to have a taste of visit at this attractive place to relax then can make your trip more enjoyable by providing you unbeatable discounts on all above mentioned attractions of the park. Just let know about your choice and will make it for you.

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