Internet Users in Pakistan & The Best Internet Browsers 2011

Internet usage in Pakistan

As the internet usage in Pakistan is increasing with rapid pace, the internet service providers are also expanding their horizons in the nation with their unmatched broadband services. Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world with estimated population of more than 160 million (stats of 2010) and less than 1/4th internet users.

Internet usage in Pakistan:

Almost 20 million of the population is internet users in Pakistan. It also means that 20 million people in Pakistan have broadband internet connections which they use to connect. After the privatization of PTCL the number of internet users grew rapidly. It has been reported that about 2.2 percent of total internet users of Asia belongs to Pakistan.

broadband companies in pakistan

Currently, according to the statistics of May 2011, the DSL internet broadband connections are getting the highest market shares with 47%, WiMax and EvDO are other most commonly used broadband connections with 28% and 21% user market shares respectively.

Social Media Sites Stats:

From among these 20 million internet users, 5 millions have recently been reported of using the social networking giant “Facebook”. The upcoming social networking site by Google:  Google Plus has achieved nearly 10,000 users in its beta version.

Browser Market Share of 2010:

According to January 2010 survey report, the internet users in Pakistan have been acce3ssing the World Wide Web through the use of different browsers. Internet explorer being the first browser, which was launched in 1995, also gained its much reputation in the country and as of last year’s statuses, Internet Explorer (IE) got 53.53% market share. Mozilla Firefox became the second most common browser among the internet users in Pakistan with a browser market share of 29.04 percent. Google Chrome is still facing some lagging in advancing its services online and only had 11.34% market browser share in 2010. Safari, Opera and others fall below ten percent browser market shares. The current market shares for these browsers are changing.

web browser usage statistics 2011

In 2011, Internet Explorer browser market share decreased from 54.5% to 45.44%. Firefox still holds the second position with 30.37%, while market share of Google Chrome increased to 16.54% from last year. Other browsers such as Opera and Safari remains stable throughout the year with 5.08% and 2% market share as of Feb 2011 respectively.

Top 5 Browsers 2011

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