HTC Desire HD Price in Pakistan, Reviews, Specs & Features


The smartphones with no doubt whatsoever are probably one of the very best inventions in the present age. The mobile phone which was one used to only making and receiving calls has become a little world within itself for the users. People who used to buy T.V sets, computers and cameras now can have all such facilities equipped in the smart phone. Initially it was known to be the Apple company that produced the first ever smartphone naming it as iPhone. Presently there are quite a number of brands producing the same device like Samsung, Motorola, LG and now HTC desire phone by HTC Corporation.

HTC desire Price in Pakistan

There have been big differences in the prices of HTC desire in Pakistan according to the different available sources. Some say that when HTC desire was about to be launched its price was as high as Rs. 58,900 which was later on reduced to Rs. 36,990.

Keeping in view that in Pakistan there can be so many brands offering the same product, the prices of items like mobiles or smartphones can never be quoted. It is also possible that if there is a marked difference between the prices of HTC desire on two different places; either it would be a duplicate from a Chinese brand or possibly a second hand used smartphone.

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HTC Desire specs and review

The screen on the HTC Desire is vivid and crisp. So it’s great for making the most of all your movies, photos, games and favourite websites. There is a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor in the HTC Desire, with the help of which you can zip around the Internet, do lots of things at once and flick through your apps in next to no time. With a pinch of your fingers you can see all seven of your home screens. So you can easily switch between the weather, your friends social networking updates, your work email and anything else you care to look at.

With its huge cinematic screen and high fidelity sound the HTC Desire HD gives you a breathtaking internet browsing experience making websites, videos, music, games and apps at their dynamic best. Everything you like to play with you can have it all gathered up in HTC Desire smartphone.

The HTC Desire experience

HTC Desire Price via

It has already been mentioned above, the HTC Desire price in Pakistan for new set ranges from Rs. 50,990 to Rs. 55,990 at the local mobile stores. This price is well and truly not with in buying reach for an average Pakistani citizen.

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