Holy Shrines in Thatta

Thatta is about 98 km (62 miles) east of Karachi located in the Sindh province of Pakistan, At one time Thatta was important as Sind’s basic city-limits and as a centre for Islamic arts. The basic of three alternating dynasties and afterwards disqualified by the Mughal emperors of Delhi, Thatta was consistently bizarre from the 14th to the 18th century. The charcoal of the city-limits and its necropolis accommodate a different appearance of acculturation in Sind. From the 14th aeon four Muslim dynasties disqualified Sind from Thatta, but in 1739 the basic was confused abroad and Thatta declined. It was believed that this was the abode area Alexander the Great adequate his legions afterwards their continued march. The boondocks is bedeviled by the Great Mosque congenital by the Moghul Emperor Shah Jehan which has been anxiously adequate to its aboriginal condition. The mosque’s 33 angled domes accord it superb acoustics and the asphalt work, an accomplished ambit of shades of blue, is appropriately fine. Situated on the outskirts of the new boondocks it is amidst by attenuated lanes and multi-story houses fabricated of adhesive and copse which are top by badgirs, the wind catchers made a channel way for the wind to flow down breeze into the interiors of buildings. They are as well absolutely accepted in Hyderabad.


The bazaars of Thatta are accepted for hand-printed fabrics, bottle bangles and Sindi adornment plan in lay with tinny mirrors, one of the added apple accepted handicrafts of Pakistan. Thatta is an alluring boondocks which appears to accept hardly confused out of the 18th aeon and is alone boring communicable up with the avant-garde world.

Thatta-shrineThe alive attributes of the Indus makes it difficult to anticipate the exact area of age-old Thatta, but the name indicates its affiliation to the Indus. Thatta, acquired from Thatti, Thatt or Thatto, a Sindhi word for a small adjustment on riverbanks, was an important medieval city locally accepted as Nagar-Thato.


Shrine-of-ThattaThatta has a lot of historical and archaeological values dating back from the 14th to 18th century. Thatta has been the centre of religious ideologies and literature in the province of Sindh, makli area is known as one of the largest Necropolis in the world, it is one of the most vibrant archaelogical sites in Pakistan as well. The Masjids and tombs in Makli are one of the greatest ruins of Sindh and reflect alot about the Sindhs community structure,Apart from the mausoleums of Jam Nizamuddin and Jan Beg Tarkhan, Makli has undertaken a lot of Sufis, warriors, poets, intellectuals. The artistic monuments at Makli show proof of Islamic ideologies and the Hindu mythology.


One of Thatta’s main historical monuments include the Jama e Mosque built by Shah Jahan known as the Shah Jahan Mosque, The Badshahi mosque was also built by him in Thatta region. Here is a list of some of the main shrines situated in Thatta district.

  • Haji Turabi, Gujjo Village, National Highway
  • Mai Makli, Makli
  • Abdullah Shah Sahabi, Makli
  • Pir Patho Debali, Pir Patho Village
  • Shah Jamil Datar Girnari, Pir Patho Village
  • Shah Inayat, Miranpur near Pir Patho Village
  • Shah Murad Shah Sherazi, Makli
  • Makhdoom Mohammad Hashim Thatvi, Makli
  • Hazrat Magar Been, Village Jati
  • Shah Aqeeq, Taluka Shah Bunder


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