Holy Shrines in Sukkur

Sukkur is the third largest city of Sindh province of Pakistan; Sukkur is situated on the west bank of river Indus in Pakistan, Sukkur was formerly known as Aror and Bakar. Sukkur is also known as Sakharu which mean “Superior” in Sindhi. As Sukkur is situated on the bank of river Indus it is nicknamed as Darya Dino, which means “the gift of the river” as without the river Indus Sukkur would be a barren desert.


Sukkur has been of historical and strategical values, for long it has been an importanttrading route, The ruins of the ancient Alor still exist 8km west of Rohri. There are many historical landmarks situated in the Sukkur district, one of them is the Temple of Shiva which was built by the Rai Dynasty. When the Arabs invaded Sindh, Sukkur became a part of the Umayyad Caliphate, later many tribes ruled over Sukkur including the Mughals.

A significant social and economic uplift was observed in Sukkur when the British built the World’s largest Barrage in Sukkur on the River Indus in the 1930’s.

SukkurSukkur is a hub of different large scale and cottage industries, Cotton textiles, cement, leather, tobacco, paint and varnish, pharmaceuticals, agriculture implements, hand pumps, lock making, rice-husking, and sugar are some examples of large scale industries. While the cottage industries comprise hosiery, boat making, fishing accessories, thread ball spooling, trunk making brass-wares, cutlery and ceramics.


Sukkur used to be a fertile land till now as the River Indus has become more barren in comparison with the old times. Because of continuous water shortage and ignoring the fact of modern irrigation systems Sukkur has not achieved its reasonable yield per unit area over time as it used to. Sukkur is famous world over for the Dates it produces.


Sukkur is also famous for War Mubarak, War Mubarak means the Hair of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). The shrine is located near Rohri railway station towards Sukkur.The shrine of War Mubarak (1545) was built by Mir Muhammad Kalhora. A casket crusted in Gold and silver enshrines the hair of the Holy Prophet.



Pir_Jo_GothOther famous shrines include The Shrines of the Pir Pagara’s in Pir Jo Goth and the Shrine of Sadruddin Badshah, in which devotees lock their prayers by locking locks on the fence of the shrine. Here is a list of some other shrines located in Sukkur.

  • Shah Khairuddin Jilani
  • Fazil Shah, Village Ghosarji
  • Nahro Shah, Ghotki
  • Mubarak Shah, Village Adalpur, Ghotki Taluka
  • Hindu Shrines
  • Kalan – Kalan, Rohri, Sukkur
  • Sadh Bela, Sukkur


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