Holy Shrines in Multan

Multan is considered to be a home of many Holy shrines of Famous Islamic preachers, The devastation of Khorasan and Western Iran was to the benefit of this part of Pakistan, for it led to the settling in this city of a large number of pious and learned men and noble families like Gardezi Syeds and Qureshis from Khwarizm, amongst whom Sheikh Bahauddin Zakarai is a famous saint. About the same time Pir Shams Sabzawari from Sabzwar and Kazi Qutbuddin from Kashan came to Multan. Baba Farid Shakar Ganj was born in a village of Multan, and settled in Pakpattan. Khawaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiar Kaki passed through Multan to Delhi and Syed Jalal, the spiritual leader of many families in Multan, Muzaffargarh and Bahawalpur came to Uch. Sultan Sakhi Sarwar’s father also emigrated from Bukhara to Sarwar Shah Kot in Multan district. These venerable men contributed greatly to spreading Islam in this area. As the Architecture of Bahawalpur is defined by its political heritage, similarly Multans architecture is defined by its religious heritage, Multan is commonly known as the city of saints and shrines. One who visits Multan can find hundreds of Masjids and shrines spread about a radius of 25 miles in Multan. The saints and shrines of Multan have been attracting a large number of devotees all the year round. Here are some of the Shrines famous in Multan,


  • Sheikh Baha-ud-din Zakria’s shrine
  • Shah Rukn-e-Alam’s Shrine
  • Hazrat Shams Sabzwari Shrine
  • Shrines of Channan Pir


One of the famous shrines situated in Multan is the Shrine of Sheikh Bahauddin Zakariya known as Bahawal Haq, He was born in 1170 in Layyah, He got his religious education from Iran, On his return to the sub-continent Bahawal Haq settled in Multan in 1222 AD and preached the teachings of Islam.


Multan-Shah-Rukn-e-AlamSheikh Bahauddin Zakariya’s Mausoleum is visited by thousands of people and devotees from all over Pakistan especially from Southern Punjab and Sindh. Shah Rukn E Alam was the grandson of Bahawal Haq, he continued the message of his grandfather, alot of people accepted Islam because of his inspirational teachings; His shrine was built by Ghias-u-Din Tughlaq.


Besides the religious importance of these Masjid’s they are of architectural values as well, These buildings are one of the iconic buildings in the region covered with red bricks and blue and white tiles also known as Multani tiles bring a majestic look to the buildings.


Multan-03Following are some of the famous shrines in Multan.

  • Shrine-Bibi Pak Daman
  • Shrine-Hameed-ud-Din Hakim
  • Shrine-Qutab-al-qutaab “Moj Dariya”
  • Shrine-Syed Pir Sakhi Shah Hassan Parwana
  • Shrine-Qazi Qutab-ud-Din Kashani


  • Shrine-Syed Hasan Khanjzee
  • Shrine-Hazrat Shah Dana Shaheed
  • Shrine-Abu Hassan Hafiz Jamal-ud-din “Musa Pak Shaheed”
  • Shrine-Hazrat Shah Kamal Qadari
  • Shrine-Hafiz Muhammad Jamal Chisti Nazami
  • Shrine-Pir Chup Wardi Waly
  • Shrine-Mollana Hamid Ali Khan Naqshbandi
  • Shrine-Allama Syed AhmadShah-Rukn-Alam Saeed Kazmi
  • Shrine-Hazrat Khawaja Awais Khagga
  • Shrine-Pir Syed Wali Muhammad Shah(Chadar Wali Sarkar)
  • Shrine-Hazrat Gul Shah


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