Holy Shrines in Larkana

Larkana is the fourth largest city in the Sindh province of Pakistan, it is located in the north western part of Sindh within the Larkana district. Larkana is a very old city whcih has produced many top political and celebritical figures of Pakistan such as Abida Parveen and Ehsan Sehgal. Larkana is famous throughout Pakistan because of the Association with the Bhutto Family.


Larkana’s name was taken from the Larik caste of Sindh, as during the time of the British rule Larkana became the headquarters of Larkana district and for a time being was part of the Bombay Presidency. The chief of the caste was Sardar Saeed Naqaz Larik due to which the name was given to the city.

Larkana is a fertile land surrounding city with fruits and vegetables of all kind like, potatoes, melons, olives oranges and many other. Almost 10km away from the city Sugar cane is cultivated at the Village of Nau Dero which is the birthplace of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.


Larkana is famous around the World for its History and even archaeologically it is famous as one of the world’s oldest archaeological sites, Mohen-jo-daro is situated almost 28 km’s away from the city, there is an airport near Mohen-jo-daro which was built to access the old ruins.

Larkana has the Holy Shrine of Syed Qasim Shah Bokhari which is visited by many Shia Devotees from all over Pakistan. The Shrine of the Political family of Bhutto’s is also situated in the city of Larkana as well.


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