Holy Shrines in Jamshoro

Jamshoro is a city located on the right side of the River Indus in Sindh Province of Pakistan, it is approximately 18 kilometers away from Hyderabad and about 180 Kilometers away from Karachi, Jamshoro is a place of historical value, and besides being historical it is home to one of the most educated people in Pakistan. Jamshoro houses one of the best and oldest universities in Pakistan like the University of Sindh, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology and Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, which produce immense number of doctors, engineers, IT professionals, journalists and other professionals per annum. Jamshoro district is administratively subdivided into 4 Tehsils, naming

  • Kotri
  • Sehwan Sharif
  • Thana Bulla Khan
  • Manjhand

Kotri: Kotri-Railway is a large town situated on the right bank side of river Indus, Kotri has a lot of historical importance and since 1900 it has been serving Jhirk which was the busiest river port and commercial activity centre in Sindh, Jhirk also served as the headquarter of Indus Flotilla the most modern navigational system of those early 1900’s. The river Indus was an important artery of communication between Karachi and Jhirk Near Kotri Sindh , was an important river port, the Indus Flotilla used large quantities of firewood and it was kept to fuel steamboats. Hassan Ali Effendi kept account of the incoming and outgoing wood and Steam boats. Kotri communicates excellently to Karachi through its roads; it also houses an excellent railway and road network.

Sehwan:sehwan-shareef is a city located in Jamshoro District in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Sehwan town is of great antiquity and stands on the west bank of the Indus, 80 miles north-west of Hyderabad.  It was significant enough during the 8th century to be conquered by Muhammad bin Qasim in 711 CE, and two centuries later by Mahmud of Ghazni. An abortive attempt was made by the Mughal emperor Humayun to capture it on his way to Umarkot but it finally fell to his son Akbar. Sehwan houses the Holy Shrine of the great Sufi Patron saint Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalander who lived there in the 13th century.

Thana Bulla Khan and ManjhandAllan-Faqir are almost close to each other on the east of Karachi, they are almost 130 Kilometers away from Karachi and stand in between Karachi and jamshoro, Manjhand is famous for Allan Fakir who was born in Manjhand in 1932, Allan Fakir was a Pakistani folk singer particularly known for his ecstatic style of performance marked with extreme devotional rhetoric and sufi dance singing. His peculiarly funny body language and distinctively pleasing facial expressions marked with a broad smile, were always amusing for his audience at live performances.


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