Holy Shrines in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is one of the biggest cities in Pakistan and the 2nd largest in the Sindh province, Hyderabad was founded by Mian GHulam Shah Kalhoro in 1768 upon the remains of a Mauryan fishing village along sode the bank of River Indus. Hyderabad was formerly the capital of Sindh and was known as the Paris of India because of its washed roads by the Indus river water.


Hyderabad has lost its cultural and architectural heritage as the city has seen major political turmoil and has gone through many instabilities like the battle against British occupation to civilian unrests in the 80’s making the city to lose its glory. Now those architectural and cultural landmarks have their ruins remaining.

HyderabadHyderabad has a hot and humid climate; it is situated in the south of the country. Hyderabad has served as a centre point for literary campaigns especially for the promotion of Sindhi language. Hyderabad is the birthplace of a few influential poets and sufi dervish’s. The city of Hyderabad is rich with culture and heritage, Hyderabad is the largest producers of Bangles in the world and serves as a link between rural Sindh and other urban areas of Pakistan.



Hyderabad is close to opne of the most ancient architectural digs like the Pre Harrapan Amri about 110 km’s away from Hyderabad. University of Hyderabad is also housed in Hyderabad, one of the oldest universities in the region.


Shah-Bhittais-UrsThe Famous poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai is also laid near Hyderabad, Shah Abdul LAtif Bhitai was Sindhi Sufi scholar a Saint, poet and musician. He is famous for being one of the famous Sindhi poets of all time. He settled in the town of Bhit Shah near Hyderabad where he has his shrine. His poetry had major themes of Unity of God, love for the Prophet (SAW), religious tolerance and humanistic values. His shrine is located in Bhit Shah near Hyderabad which is visited by many devotees from all over Pakistan on the festival of Urs.

Other than Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai’s shrine, many other shrines are located in the region of Hyderabad which is enlisted below.

  • Makhdoom Fatehuddin Shah Jehanian
  • Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Village Bhit Shah
  • Makhdoom Nuh, Hala Town
  • Syed Abdul Wahab Shah Jilani
  • Hazrat Muhammad Shah Makki
  • Shah Karim, Bulri Township
  • Khawaja Abdul Rehman, Wasih Malukshah


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