Hiran Minar Lahore; A Historical Hunting Monument Known as Deer Tower

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The city of Lahore is more known for the Mughal rulers who besides all the other activities were very much fond of hunting. It would not be wrong to say that it was an important part of their life as they would treat it as their favourite sport. Where the city of Lahore is famous for so many historical places there is one more place here which is known as the Hiran Minar.

Hiran Minar Location:

Those who take their chance to cross the River Ravi from Saghian Bridge to go to Sheikhupura in the suburbs of Lahore have to pass through the flower nurseries. After turning on Sheikhupura-Sargodha Road from the Chowk there is a beautiful Hiran Minar (The Deer Tower) which is about 43 km from Lahoreand 9km from Sheikhupura. The following map will give a better idea.

Hinar minar Map and Location


Hiran Minar History & Background:

Hiran Minar is set in peaceful environs near Lahore in Sheikhupura, Pakistan constructed by Emperor Jahangir. The structures at Hiran Minar evoke a mixture of complete serenity, of man-made and nature‘s grand design blending into a perfect harmony. The almost square water –reservoir/ pond is built from the traditional Mughal thin brick-lined ramps/slopes acting as watering paths for the Royal Deer and other animals in the surrounding Royal Hunting forests consisting of scrubs, Shisham and Keekar trees. According to the history once Emperor Jahangir was out on hunting with his companions and spotted a deer. Instead of killing that deer he went on to kill his own pet dear accidently Mansraj. He felt so sad after this accident that he at once ordered to bury the deer and also to built a tower which we the world knows today as Hiran Minar.


Hiran Minar Features:

The Hiran Minar is usually known as a hunting spot for many muslim rulers. Unique features of this particular complex are the antelope’s grave and the distinctive water collection system. At each corner of the tank (approximately 750 by 895 feet (273 m) in size), is a small, square building and a subsurface water collection system which supplied the tank; only one of these water systems is extensively exposed today. Another special feature of Hiran Minar is its location and environment. At the top of the minar is perhaps the best place in the province of Punjab to get a feel for the broader landscape and its relationship to a Mughal site.

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