Haier Refrigerators Model & Prices in Pakistan; Choose Your Best One

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The few things that add up to the beauty of your house are the home appliances that you have. These are basically the electrical/mechanical machines which accomplish some household functions, such as cooking or cleaning. Presently there is a big competition going on between some big names like LG, Sabro, Samsung, Simens and many more. One brand that is gaining popularity at quite a rapid rate is Haier that is now known for producing some very good home appliances all over Pakistan.

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Haier is a China based company which produces electronics products. Haier has become one of the top electronics company in Pakistan as well. The Haier products include Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Televisions, Microwave Ovens and Refrigerators. Haier is often misspelled as higher, haer, haeir or hier. Having diversified its product line beyond refrigerators, the company adopted a new name in 1991. Haier has surpassed rival Whirlpool as the world’s top refrigerator producer in terms of sales, according to Euromonitor, an independent business intelligence provider. Haier said it sold 12 million refrigerators worldwide last year, up 20% over the previous year.

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Its market share reached 6.3% globally. For those who are interested in Haier refrigerators models, the names and prices of some are as follows:

Haier HRF-340 H, price PKR 34,500

Haier HRF-155, price PKR 20,700

Haier HRF- 270, price PKR 27,500

Haier HRF- 320, price PKR 29,500

Haier HRF- 195 Double-Door, price PKR 22,300

Haier HRF- 380M, price PKR 34,800

Haier HR-62 Single Door, price PKR 12,300

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