Hafeez Centre Lahore; Leading Laptop & Mobile Market in Lahore

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If you are in the city of Lahore with a purpose of shopping you should always be looking for a place where you are able to find everything that you might possibly be looking for. Keeping in view the massive traffic in Lahore it sometimes becomes more of a headache moving from one place to another. For this reason it is better to shop around at a place where you can buy everything you need. The Hafeez Center Lahore is one such place in the city where you can find almost everything of your need under one roof.

About Hafeez Center Lahore

As it is said earlier that in Hafeez Center Lahore you can find almost everything of your choice so this means that it happens to be a major shopping mall in the Lahore city. Moreover, it is the biggest mobile market of Lahore as there are hundreds of shops where new and old mobile phones of all companies are available for sale. Besides, there are many shops for mobile repairing and soft ware installation with decoding and password opening facility available. Apart from this Hafeez Centre is a very good place for Computers equipments and accessories. You can find a wide range of CPUs, Display Cards, and Main Boards etc. available at very reasonable price.

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Location area of Hafeez Center Lahore

The Hafeez Center is located in the posh area of Main Boulevard Gulberg in Lahore, little far away from the famous Gaddafi Stadium. The road which lies adjacent to this place is known as the Ghalib road. The map below can provide a better idea.

Hafeez Center directions & Map


Why shop at Hafeez Center?

Usually we are used to of only buying things from the shopping malls and centers whenever we go out for shopping. The unique thing about Hafeez Center Lahore here you can not only buy items and products you need but you can also sell them at the same time. It is recommended that once you have selected a product; look around in other shops for comparing prices, otherwise you may end up paying more so do not forget that bargaining is must. You can find almost any software here, and at dirt-cheap prices. CD’s can be found for 50-100 rupees. Computer parts are sold here too, but those are a bit more expensive, except for pirated Chinese hardware. It may not be wrong to say that you should be prepared to be walking out of Hafeez center spending some healthy amount of money out of your pocket.

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Shopping at Hafeez Center through Groupin.pk

If you are concerned about the prices of items at Hafeez Center may it be Blackberry Bold, Dell processor, latest (Nokia, Samsung, LG or Sony Ericsson) Mobile phone or a laptop the best way is to shop through Groupin.pk as it has been helping people in Lahore buy their favourite and most wanted items at some big discounts. If you want Groupin to bring a deal of your choice from your desired mobile or computer shop in Hafeez Center Lahore shops do let us know. Visit the Groupin.pk website and click on suggest a deal icon (as shown below) that will appear at the right side of your screen.

Suggest a Deal Groupin.pk and the users

Although Groupin.pk is over the web since quite a long now but still alien to many internet users. Those who want to benefit from Groupin must visit the website and look into some of the active deals in Lahore city and see if something is there useful for them.

Active Deals in Lahore

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