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Technology Times has managed to retain the media hype with the bringing of new innovative ideas into the Pakistani society., in its post on July 17th 2011,  brings to limelight the recent project which has taken up is to provide shelter to the needy and to hush up the cries of the innocent that remain homeless all over the country.

The Groupin’s Social Welfare Program in accordance with the Edhi Foundation will help the destitute children find their long lost families through social networking and will reach the masses through the power of internet. These unfortunate children of the society are sheltered at Edhi Centre and will be returned to their homes as soon as their families are tracked down and is trying its best in this regard.


Missing children Pakistan in its report supports the idea held up by and heartily appreciates the efforts taken up for the very first time by an online platform for the benefit of the neglected sector of the society. In the post by Admin of Technology Times, the statements by the official of Groupin’s welfare programme were discussed in details while accentuating the fact that “lasting efforts can create an enlightened world”.  The post also publicized Groupin’s vision of reaching to the masses with the help of cyber media and that with the help of general public, innocent children can reunite with their loved ones once again.

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