hailed for its Revolutionary Business Plan by Pro-Pakistani

Pro-Pakistani in its June 10th, 2011 edition has whole heartedly lauded’s successful expansion in Lahore with a jaw opening discount deal on petrol.

It has brought to novice reader’s attention the true potential held by in changing the appalling socio-economic dynamics of the country. Pro-Pakistani has welcomed’s emergence on the national business scene in these words “different to the norm”, as such revolutionary ventures are hard to find on national level.

Therefore, the scribe encourages readers to promote’s cause, as he echoes his belief that it is based on all those principles needed for the creation of “winning scenario for all”. Article also highlights the congenial technological environment in urban centers of the country that further solemnizes’s future success. Scribe further delineated’s emergence as an admirable initiative in the face of grave challenges faced by the national economy. beyond doubt has succeeded in gaining acceptance among business groups and consumer community, and above all is extremely delighted to receive a positive and morale boosting feedback by the reputed pro-Pakistani.

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