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The city of Lahore is full of some very good restaurants, hotels and cafés that actually add up to the fame of this city. Now where Lahore city is famous from the historic point of view it is also well-known around the world as a place where you can find some really delicious cuisines. When we talk about some exclusively good restaurants in Lahore, the Gourmet restaurant Lahore is certainly one of them.

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About Gourmet Restaurant Lahore

There would have hardly been anyone to have thought that a small bakery, known as Gourmet Bakers and Sweets, would ever play the market by introducing a whole new restaurant to its name. The Gourmet restaurant Lahore Faisal Town is among the best restaurants in Lahore. Gourmet is a successful Pakistani bakery which now owns Gourmet restaurants that are basically a dedication of owner to his daughters. The atmosphere, the price and the food is excellent. When you will experience the food there, it will make you forget everyplace to dine in.


Location of Gourmet restaurant Lahore

Gourmet Grill, situated in Faisal Town, Lahore is a restaurant that has gone through the early rigors of downturn, and yet still lived to tell the tale. The following map can provide some idea about the location for those who are not well aware of routes in Lahore city.

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Menu at Gourmet restaurant

The Gourmet Restaurant Lahore menu includes the typical Pakistani, Chinese and Continental options of most family style restaurants in Lahore. Gourmet is known for their Stuffed Chicken with Pineapple Sauce, as well as their sizzling Steaks and many more. Some of the very common items include Chicken Mulligatawny Soup, Chef’s Special Chicken, Chicken Steak with Black Pepper Sauce, Stuff Chicken Breast with Pineapple Sauce, Chicken Manchurian, Chicken Shashlik, Beef Steak Mexican, Garlic Prawns and many other items.

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