Google Adwords Vs Facebook Advertising

Facebook is not just here to make your social life active so that you can let your friends know what you are doing, and to find your friends on it. Facebook is actually starting to build another true business model – an advertising platform for its users. It’s called ‘Facebook Ads‘– it’s still relatively new, but it’s already pretty great, and on many occasions, it’s a better alternative to using Google Ad words (and most other paid search tools).


Google ad words and other services can give demographic and keywords targeting but the best thing about Facebook advertising is that you can target keywords and demographical locations way better then Google ad words. The main reason behind it is that user has profiles on Facebook with their location mentioned, so you can be sure that your ads are only shown to the people with profiles that contain your targeted keywords or location.

Google ad words don’t know as much about what user is located and what keywords they are interestingly searching therefore most of the time probability of your ads reaching the right audience decreases. Due to this accurate targeting in Facebook, Facebook advertising often has higher click through rates and conversions than Google Ad words.


Cost is one of my main issues with Google Ad words, it’s just got way too expensive to even bid on medium popularity keywords, especially words relating to things that can be bought online. On Facebook Ads, some initial keyword comparisons reveal you can get very decent results at about one quarter of the cost per click on Google Ad words. Take an example of a Pop industry in Pakistan, bidding on the keyword ‘Atif Aslam’ costs a minimum $1 on Google Ad words, but you can get good clicks for just 25 cents on Facebook advertising. Much more cost effective and in particular way better for small businesses trying to gain a presence online without a big budget.


Facebook ads have a very powerful feature using images in ads which is a huge advantage over Google Ad words. In Google ad words the only way you can so this is by creating your own banners. In Facebook advertising, it’s very simple to upload an image that helps convey your message to the targeted audience to get more clicks. As many say that – An image is worth a thousand words.  This feature in Facebook advertising is also a great way for showing images of products and brands.


Not only do you have the feature of adding image in your advertising but also have the option of adding ads description. Facebook advertising allows 135 characters whereas Google ad Words just 75 characters. Facebook ads also all the use of exclamation mark and they don’t restrict using nearly as many different words whereas Google Ad words they restrict most of the words due to copyright issues.

Facebook still have some troubles though, like for example, there is no conversion tracking options and there is no ability to show ads at particular time of the day which is not good for business to business advertising. But businesses using Google ad words for advertising, or any other paid services, do experiment with Facebook advertising as they will be very pleased with the result.

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