Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Specifications, Reviews & Price in Pakistan

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A few years back there used to be only few people around who would use a mobile phone. Within a decade or so, presently there happens to be hardly anyone who does not have or who does not use a mobile phone. The name of this device has gone through a few stages like instaphone, cell phone, mobile phone and by now the most recent one is named as smart phone. For those who still do not know about smart phone, it is certainly a mobile phone with some advanced facilities and accessories available.

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It would not be wrong to say that keeping an advanced and expensive mobile phone has become more of a trend than a necessity. Nowadays, apart from the youngsters, the school kids these days are seen with no ordinary mobile phones with cameras but blackberry or smart phones. Although there are some renowned companies like Apple, HTC and RIM that offer smart phones but considering the psyche of the Pakistani people the Samsung Smart phone Galaxy S i9000 is comparatively better in terms of price and availability.

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Specifications

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is slim, light, with a gorgeous AMOLED screen, fast processor and Android’s easy-to-use interface and wealth of apps, SamsungI9000 Galaxy S sets the benchmark for Android hardware. Samsung I9000 Galaxy S has a super-fast 1GHz processor, 16GB internal memory, Wireless Tethering and a battery life twice that of most Android phones. With Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, you have the speed, space, and access you need to stay connected wherever you roam.

Samsung Galaxy S GT i9000 specifications

The price of this wonderful smart phone is around or less than Rs.40, 000. The features are more or less the same as found in the Apple iPhone but there is a difference of around 20 thousand. This mobile will allow you to see Google maps in 3 different views of real street, traffic and satellite view. Google, the Google logo and Google Maps are trademarks of Google, Inc. Get hold of speed up to 40 words per minute with Swype.  Rather than requiring you to hit each letter in a correct manner. There is another good feature in this smart phone Swype text input, Swype has a built – in intelligence that abides by the path your finger traces on the keyboard. Just trace the word you want to write, and Swype will do the rest. And, with the Write & Go app, you can swype a message and send it directly from the notepad by SNS, SMS, Email, Calendar, or Memo.

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Gallery

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The Samsung Smartphones in Pakistan conform to the various demands of current and potential smart-phone users. There happen to be about top five Smartphones by Samsung and with their prices which can be easily compared before selecting the right one for yourself. However, if you want to help you get a Samsung Smartphone of your choice with discounts, then do suggest a deal for it.

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