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Going out to eat is a treat for anyone, when it comes to eating out, everyone become very picky to who one will give his hard earned cash. If anyone go to a restaurant first impressions can make the differences on whether he should turn around and leave, or stick around to enjoy the cuisine. At the end of a long shift from job, after what was probably a tiring and demanding week, the last place you feel like going to is another restaurant. Islamabad is a city of out class and well renowned restaurants where high quality cuisines and friendly service, anyone who visits Islamabad for once, always remembers the warmth of its people and the lively environment that is the uniqueness of the city. If you want to discover this city and visit the fabulous places in the city you would need to stay here for quite a while. If you are seeking for a destination to stay that offers luxury, comfort and fabulous services, the Dragon City Restaurant Islamabad is the best you can find.

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Located at 108, West Blue Area, Blue Area, Dragon City Restaurant Islamabad is a place of quality Chinese food to suit the localized taste buds. The devotion, determination, dedication and diligence of management of restaurant made it possible to win the hearts and minds of people who would visit once this place. The restaurant’s high quality food standard is a symbol of hygiene and quality which is unmatched the world over. In this modern age of worldwide competition, only lip service cannot satisfy the customers. Dragon City Restaurant does not believe in words which are not supplemented by deeds, what they claim. The services are not limited to some specific food items only but the restaurant provides to its valued customers with a friendly environment that makes them feel relaxed and at home. This Chinese restaurant has lots of creditable Cantonese and Sichuan dishes, including the belly-warming soups, Mongolian chicken and garlic prawns.

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