Data Darbar Lahore; One of The Oldest Muslim Shrines in the Subcontinent

Data Durbar Pakistan

Data Darbar situated in the center of Lahore, Pakistan is known as one of the oldest Muslim shrines in the sub-continent. It incorporates the remains of a Sufi saint, Abul Hassan Ali Hajvery who is more commonly known as Daata Ganj Baksh, which means the master who awards the treasures. It is believed that Daata Ganj Baksh lived on the site in the 11th Century.

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The shrine of Daata Ganj Baksh is destinated near the Bhaati Gate into Lahore’s Walled City. It was initially constructed by the Ghaznavi king Sultan Zakiruddin Ibrahim in the late 11th century, and has been augmented so many times later. In Data Darbar Lahore there have been increasing security apprehensions in past couple of years after threats of terrorists’ attacks by Pakistan’s Taliban militants. The huge complex of Data Darbar which houses the shrine and that it is open at all hours for the general public makes protecting it very difficult. For centuries his tomb was visited by Muslims and Hindus in search of his blessings but since partition, most visitors have been Muslim, although people of all religions are welcome. Pakistani politician Nawaz Sharif is a frequent visitor of Data Darbar Lahore. On special events, the shrine is enlightened with lights; dinner is cooked for hundreds of people and visitors dance while musicians play Sufi music for hours. At the premises of the shrine, Muslims recite the Qur’an, and praises to Muhammad.

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No doubt that the Data Darbar Lahore is a vast modern structure which is always filled with people praying, collecting or bestowing alms, or eating at the huge charity ‘langar’ or soup kitchen. Every year millions of people within Pakistan and all around the world come to visit this holy place to have their wished come true. As you’re a visitor of Lahore, your trip will be incomplete when you missed to visit this holy shrine. Here groupin,pk can facilitate you while offering cost effected discounts on your numerous tour expenses like: you can enjoy discounts on Hotel accommodation, restaurant menu items, and transportation rates etc.

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