Crownwell Consultants Rawalpindi Offer 60% off for IELTS Preparation Classes

Education is a major necessity for every human being, as knowledge is what differentiates us from others and allows us to survive and become a better race. Today, learning has become far more advanced than it was before; simply learning how to read and write. Today there are kindergartens, primary school, secondary schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and a whole lot of higher education studies. Among the most popular higher education options in Islamabad there are ACCA, SAT, B.Sc., TOEFL and IELTS.

Higher Education

In Pakistan which is a country on the forefront of educational advancement in East Asia, SAT and IELTS are important in order to get them to better universities and in order to score better careers onwards. IELTS preparation training is a commonplace phenomenon in the educational sphere of Islamabad’s students and universities. IELTS is a higher learning English language course taken over an extent of up to 2 years. Students wanting to study IELTS in Islamabad can enter consultancy programs and use the services of student counselors. One such consultancy and HR organization is Crownwell Consultants and advisors with programs for IELTS and overseas studying. With prices on education going through the door Crownwell Consultants have associated with to provide IELTS preparation and practice cheap IELTS courses through Groupin’s unique business model. is Pakistan’s first ever group buying portal providing discounted deals through online shopping. The collective buying concept was hatched a few years back in the States and was an instant success. A pioneering group saw that collective buying could be similarly popular in Pakistan’s ecommerce industry, which although ridden with economic issues, could work well if harnessed the right way. Deals provided online by merchants via Groupin sell the same products on the market for massive discounts that can go as high as 90%. Despite still being a new-born Groupin’s deals are an immediate hit with consumers and merchants alike demanding for more. For one thing it brings more clients to firms and cheaper merchandise for consumers.

IELTS Preparation

Crownwell Consultants saw this as an opportunity to open the floodgates to cheaper education but also to lead the way in IELTS consultancy. Its latest deal on is a 60% discount on a Preparation for IELTS course at a rate that makes it nearly a free IELTS preparation course. The one month course included with notes offers 5 morning and evening classes a week of 60-90 minutes each for only Rs. 2000. So get your IELTS test done in Islamabad today by signing up on Groupin for free and buying the astounding deal. Groupin is here for your present and will be there for your future!

Islamabad Deals

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