Clique Cafe Islamabad: Fulfill Your Desire by a Scrumptious Burger Deal

Every once in a while you want your mouth filled with juicy, hot, delicious and crispy stuff which will tickle its way down in your tummy. Getting a hold of a hefty, rich burger is therefore the desire of both young and old and with Groupin’s latest discount offer you can get your meal in Just Half Price!

Now with Groupin you can get 50% exclusive discount in Islamabad on Crispy Chicken Burger, fries, salad and a regular drink – a meal which was originally valued at Rs. 500. So now you can save as much as you spend and still take home a happy belly.

Clique Cafe Crispy Chicken Burger

This scrumptious deal package is available at Clique Cafe Islamabad, one of the best Russian cuisine providers in the capital city of Pakistan, which had also served Groupin customers with amazing 50% discount packages and has filled the appetites by offering its sizzling chicken steak, with fries and spinach for only Rs. 325 on Cligue Cafe’s sizzler cuisine.

About the Deal Platter:

The hottest discount offer on Clique Cafe Islamabad will include the following in the deal:

  • single crispy chicken burger,
  • French fries,
  • salad
  • a regular drink

Clique Cafe islamabad

This Crispy Chicken Burger meal platter is Single deal which serves one person only. You can buy more coupons for yourself or for your family and friends as well. But remember that the deal ends on September 30, so log in at Groupin today and start purchasing before the deal ends.

Also remember to make reservations prior to your visit to Clique cafe to avail the Crispy Chicken Burger deal so that you do not have to wait it lines. The timings of the restaurant are

  • Mondays: to Saturday 12 pm to 11 pm
  • Sundays: 6 pm to 11 pm

Crispy Chicken Burger

About Clique Café:

Clique Café is located at House # 10-A, Street # 13, F-7/2, at the heart of Islamabad, and is the latest addition to the blooming restaurant industry in the city. The food is prepared using the secret recipes of (Miss Marina Afghani) that would leave your taste buds asking for more!

For more details Call Clique Cafe at Phone: 051-2608965


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