Clique Café Islamabad’s Feedback on Business Value given by

Clique Café Islamabad, one of the best Russian cuisine providers in the capital city of Pakistan, has recently praised the role of – Pakistan’s leading discount service provider. Groupin surprised the management of the café with even more than expected customers that it had promised to provide.

Clique Café Islamabad discount deal

While delivering their feedback on the wondrous services offered by to boost their business, the owners of Clique Café, Rimmel Afghani and Marina Afghani, praised the swiftness and dedication of, and the idea that the service has pioneered in the Pakistani business and consumer market. The café’s customers also expressed their gratitude to for providing them such an amazing deal with a huge discount; at their favorite dine out destination.

The deal offered by at Clique Café Islamabad was a mouth-watering Sizzling Chicken Steak with French Fries worth Rs. 650 (PKR), which was presented to the customers for just Rs. 325 (PKR) in Islamabad. The deal was purchased by 39 people within 5 days of when it was featured online.

Moreover, the customers enjoyed this amazing deal by in Clique Café Islamabad’s calm and tranquil environment. Clique Café’s regular audience was delighted to get such an amazing offer at their restaurant of choice, while a lot of new customers also got to experience the tasteful environment and cuisine that the café provides.

Competitors of Clique Café Islamabad and other smart business owners have been following this offer very closely, as a venture with can ensure reaching out to your audience, as well as developing new followers, with customer-oriented deals to make them loyal customers for life.

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