Changa Manga Park in Lahore; The Largest Man Made forests on the Planet

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Entertainments in Lahore city:

The city of Lahore is known as the cultural heart of Pakistan. It is one city in Pakistan that is not just admired nationally but internationally as well. People from other countries like to visit this place on many special occasions. There are so many worth-visiting places in Lahore that it may not be possible to discover them all in one single day. If you want to enjoy some good time exploring this city you should be looking to stay here for atleast a few days. If you are with your family especially with kids then you should be looking to visit a place that offers some real entertainment, adventure and healthy atmosphere. The Changa Manga Park in Lahore is one such place where you can enjoy a real good time alone or along with your family.

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About Changa Manga Park in Lahore:

Changa Manga is famous for the largest man-made forest of Pakistan located here. The forest was planned around 1865 as a wood repository to provide cheap fire wood for Steam locomotives running between Karachi, Lahore and Amritsar in the late 19th century. Changa Manga plantation was started in 1866. The first working plan for the plantation was drawn up by Mr. B. Ribbentrop in 1871-72. The mature forest started harvesting by 1881-82. In 1888, Sheesham Wood (called Tahli in Punjabi) and with the botanical name “Dalbergia sissoo” was planted at large area of the forest.

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Entertainment at Changa Manga Park:

Changa Manga Park in Lahore is known for the famous Mehtabi Lake, which is a man made circular lake with a bouncy suspension bridge across to the central island. Around the lake there are children rides, gift stalls and lots of loud pop music. One can see lots of wild life in the park. There is a variety of deer found here as well as the forest is also famous for a well settled population of vultures.

Changa Manga Park in Lahore Changa manga park

Lodging at Changa Manga Park in Lahore:

Many years ago the North Western Railway (now Pakistan Railway)’s forestry department built a spacious guest house in Changa Manga forest. This guesthouse is served by a long, looping branch of the forest railway network but it is not used these days. Families from Lahore etc stay at the lodge for holidays and they have a train at their disposal for trips into the forest.

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Groupin and lodging at Changa Manga:

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