Boiler Room Islamabad; A Place for Youngsters to Hang Out

Boiler Room Jinnah Super Market 1

Eating dinner out with family members or friends could be regarded as deluxe by a lot of people and is playing a large role in gathering them and also driving them to relax at simplicity with the other. Various restaurants in Islamabad have opened up to bring such an ambiance of togetherness for friends and family where they can enjoy while they eat. People seek to hang out occasionally in the twin cities and the Boiler Room in Islamabad has opened up to make it possible.

Right in the very heart of the city of Islamabad, Boiler Room or also known as Riz Boiler Room, owned by Rizwan ul Haq, is a place for all the youngsters to hang out. It is the place for casual dining and the place will hypnotize you and captivate your senses. The location for Boiler Room restaurant in Islamabad is 12-C, Jinnah Super Market, F-7 Markaz, a centrally located bistro where you can takeout food at any time of the day. You can find continental dishes available at the Boiler room and get served on “first come first serve” basis. Among many other food pavilions in Islamabad, such as the CocknBull and One Potato Two Potato, The Boiler Room has benchmarked its name among the top restaurants in Islamabad serving top continental and fast food servings.

Boiler Room Islamabad

People in Islamabad still remain deprived of the goodies the Boiler Room has to offer to them. The basic reason for this is the price which has caused lack of interest in eating out at such restaurants. is here to treat its valued users with special discount deals so that they can enjoy a luxurious meal at the Boiler Room restaurant in Islamabad.

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