BiGGtech Inspires Readers to Join Groupin in their 11th February, 2011 edition featured an in depth analysis about us. In this article they penned down all the important details of Pakistan’s first daily deals service Groupin.  The article outlined the international group buying trends, and how envisions translating group buying culture in Pakistan.

For readers it is an informative piece, as it highlights the success of international online group buying portals, and how international economies are benefitting from this new trend. The article refers to the success of USA based Groupon, and India’s Snapdeal, and the miraculous economic boosts they are giving to their countries. As it throws light on Snapdeal’s 12 million dollars investment, and it’s resolve to expand its services to other parts of the country. By doing so BiGGtech draws a parallel between the success of these two established international services and the economic potential of Groupin.

BiGGtech’s article, in an effective way communicates to a novice reader, all the highlights of Groupin, ranging from information on deals, easy three step subscription process, to the basic tenants on which Groupin’s entire system functions.

BiGGtech concluded the article by encouraging their readers to avail the discount services of Groupin; “so why not to join such a platform that has the tendency to deliver what it speaks?”

Groupin is extremely overwhelmed by the support and confidence extended by media groups such as BiGGtech, and we are working vigilantly to live up to the expectations of our valued customers and well wishers.

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